“Real Alien” Footage: Alien Proof or Dark Web Hoax?

Again we have another situation where the UFO community, in its desire to provide the ultimate proof, ignores known and existing hoaxes to recirculate them as truth.

Trust me, folks, I believe. But damn, I swear there’s nothing realistic about this video AT ALL. It was supposedly filmed in 1992 in Eiger, Switzerland. The video allegedly shows a relatively stereotypical alien body.

In one scene, the body is being held up by some type of wire and in another scene, a scientist of some sort appears to be examining the body.

So here’s the crazy part… The footage is a known hoax from 2008. So why in the world would one of the most popular YouTube UFO channels be posting it as if it’s new and real?

Perhaps there’s a desire to provide the ultimate proof, perhaps it’s just for the ad revenue. Who knows for sure. But what I do know is that this shit has got to stop. Seriously.

Watch this video… and tell me if you think there’s anything legit about it:

This is the kind of stuff that really irks me. First of all, it’s not a very good fake. Second, it’s now pretty simple to say that everything on the UFO Today channel on YouTube (I’m not even linking to it) is utter garbage.

The limited number of ufologists out there don’t have time to be wasting debunking obvious hoaxes. And we’re better than that anyway. So just stop it already.

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