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Hurricane UFO Sightings: UFOs & Extreme Weather

Hurricane UFO Sightings: UFOs & Extreme Weather

Last updated on February 23, 2024

Why does bad weather seem to be accompanied by an increase in UFO sightings? This article talks about a couple possibilities.

Earthling Interest in Alien Weather Patterns

This hurricane season seems to be bringing an onslaught of major storms. As Texas is reeling from hurricane Harvey and Florida is preparing to meet Irma head-on, Jose is still spinning across the Atlantic. We monitor the weather on other planets in our solar system regularly. We’ve studied and come to understand Martian weather fairly well. So is it a far-fetched idea that visiting aliens would be interested in Earth’s weather? Of course not! Hurricane UFO sightings are not very rare.

With UFO sightings at an all-time high, many people are watching the skies. While it could be assumed that during fierce weather events sightings would increase simply because more people are looking up, maybe there’s more to it. Maybe there are just more UFOs when extreme weather is present. Hurricane UFO sightings are very common. In fact, UFO sightings during any type of bad weather are common.

Hurricane UFO Sightings – Hurricane Harvey

When hurricane Harvey hit Texas, conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner noted what he believed to be some type of anomaly which seemed to affect the storm. Though he didn’t make much of an explanation for it, his video has been viewed quite a bit. And while weather control conspiracies such as the HAARP machine seem to be all the rage these days, there isn’t much proof. The UFO sighting in this video happened just days before Harvey hit Houston:

UFO Sightings During Other Extreme Weather Events

UFOs have been known to flock to bad weather. Whether it be supercell storms in Nebraska or lighting storms in Illinois, we see them. Are UFOs interested in our extreme weather? Or perhaps extreme weather creates more atmospheric phenomena that we mistake for UFOs? Whatever the case may be, hurricane UFO sightings are here to stay. Have you seen a UFO during a storm? Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Hurricane UFO Sightings: UFOs & Extreme Weather”

  1. Good observation I remember growing up in Okinawa seeing light balls in the sky but talking to others they said those were St. Elmo’s fire … I don’t know but they always followed the storms..

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