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What Would it Be Like to Date an Alien?

This lighthearted post over at UFOBeat is a fun little read with some things to ponder.

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Could God Actually Be a Level 3 Kardashev Civilization?

A type III civilization would explain God much better than the Annunaki of the Ancient Astronaut theory.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse TysonPentagonUFOs

Neil deGrasse Tyson: UFO Doesn’t Mean Aliens (Video)

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about why “UFO” should not be misconstrued to be equivocal to “aliens”.

UFO Woods Moon

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

There are a handful of good theories on why aliens would visit earth. Which one makes the most sense?

Alien Civilization
Ancient MarsMarsNASA

Does This NASA Image Show Aliens on Mars?

For sure we still have a lot to learn about the red planet. But did aliens live there? And if so, are they still there? Some say there are clues in NASA’s own images.

Mouse Trap Cheese Argument from Ignorance Pixabay
CredibilityProve They Exist

The Argument from Ignorance – Trapping UFO Enthusiasts for Decades

Normally a staple of religious zealotry, the Argument from Ignorance has infected the fields of science, medicine, mental health, and just about every other academic thought pool. It’s also made it’s way into UFOlogy.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage
AlcoholAlien Brain HemorrhageBailey'sBlue Curacao

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage: A Shot for Believers

It’s a crazy-looking adult beverage called The Alien Brain Hemorrhage. This is a great party drink that’s easy to make and has a fairly complex flavor. It’s also not too strong, so you can enjoy quite a few of them without getting totally blasted.

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