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Report a UFO Sighting or Alien Encounter

Report a UFO Sighting or Alien Encounter

Last updated on December 26, 2020

Alien UFO Blog needs you! We're looking for eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings and other related phenomena. If you've seen a UFO, alien, or been abducted, let us publish your story for the world to see.

The truth must be told! Use the form below to report a UFO sighting or alien encounter. Be as complete as possible (we do not edit before publishing).

Alien UFO Blog’s reporting system is an avenue for you to get your story out there in the hopes that another reader may have an explanation or additional information. I do not go out to investigate sites and I’m not a video or photo authentication expert – if you’re looking for someone to do a deep investigation, please also report your experience to MUFON.

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4 thoughts on “Report a UFO Sighting or Alien Encounter”

  1. dear sir, I had an accouter in may of 2019.. I reported it to Mufon and I got an email back stating that he was a ex police chief and he does all the investigation in NJ.. I replied stating I would be willing for any test but, I did not want my name or stuff like that to go public.. I c in urForm you want not just the incident to go public but, myself as well… don’t you think I know how crazy my incident sounds?? the Mufon police never contacted me after the first email… I hv come to the conclusion, he thinks my incident was fabracated for its truly unbelievable and, I can find any info on the internet to anything similar.. I live a normal life and, idk why I had this encounter. I can only think, I just moved to a small island in September 2018 and, bc of a break up, I was told by a friend that meditating can help during a break up. I never meditated before so I learned on tube and, I gave it a shot so, everyday I went to the sea.. I think, I just got notice… so, why is it important for me to come forward and not just my incident? ….. anyway,, ,, peace

    1. First of all, thank you so much for visiting and taking time to look at this site. Perhaps I can answer your questions satisfactorily.

      You are more than welcome to submit an anonymous report by just putting ‘anonymous’ in the name section of the report form. We also won’t publish your email address unless you approve (that’s the drop down selection in the form, just change it to no).

      We do encourage (but not require) people to make their information public for a couple reasons. The first one is so that other researchers who visit this site and wish to help investigate your experience can have a way to contact you. The second reason is because without the identity of a witness, stories & reports of encounters don’t have as much credibility as they do when the witness can be known as a real person who lives a normal life. More people will take your story seriously when they know who you are.

      I hope that clears up any other question you may have. Take care. ~AUB

      1. I’ve read a lot of theories about why we have NOT been contacted by aliens. The only reason the aliens would make contact other than examining our species which many different species of aliens have done is to be friends. What would happen if they did that? We’d want their technology. So they come here they examine the planet and what do they find? A bunch of idiot fanatics who believe in bullshit religions and who will do anything in the name of God and feel justified because after all, they’re doing for God. Wars every where. So would you give up your superior technology to beings like that? You tell them their religion is false and what they use your technology on you? All so, if thing don’t change we’re headed for another mass extinction within the next 150 years. They can just sit around and wait and have the planet all to themselves once we’re gone.

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