Bill Nye Answers: Would Alien Technology be Perceived as Magic?

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Bill Nye talks about whether humans would view alien technology as magic or whether we'd recognize it as simply, technology beyond our current understanding.

If aliens came to earth, would their technology appear so advanced that we’d perceive it as magic?

This was a question posted to Bill Nye by a listener on StarTalk. If you’ve never heard Bill Nye answer a question like this, you’ll enjoy this video.

I’m inclined to agree with his answer. Our scientists may not be able to understand or replicate alien technology, but they know this is the case simply because of a lack of understanding vs. anything mystical.

What About The Idea of Gods?

One could say that perhaps the common belief in a deity is a remnant of experience with advanced technology. This would contradict Bill Nye’s answer, and it’s a pretty interesting thought.

Aliens who make it to a level 3 or 4 on the Kardeshev scale would appear god-like in comparison to humans. Perhaps we wouldn’t even detect them at all.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay


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