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A Life of Unearthly Experiences | Selina D’Akin

A Life of Unearthly Experiences | Selina D’Akin

Last updated on October 23, 2023

Selina has provided us with detailed descriptions of experiences she's had during the course of her life. What follows are her words exactly.

The following experiences came to us by one of our Facebook fans, Selina D’Akin. Selina has provided us with detailed descriptions of experiences she’s had during the course of her life. What follows are her words exactly.


Hi again 
Hope all OK with you.

I’m finally getting around to giving you an account of my experiences with regard to UFOs! ….Here Goes…

1st Experience

Back when I was 12 yrs old, I was living in Weston-Super-Mare and I was round at my friend’s house on a late winter afternoon, playing in the garden.

My friend Stephanie, popped indoors for a drink, leaving me outside on my own. Suddenly, I became aware of what looked like a metal silver/grey circular object, with red lights flashing underneath it in a circle and blue lights flashing in the opposite direction, in a circle (one inside the other) and It seemed to me that it was approximately 15 to 20 feet in circumference and approximately 40 to 50 feet above and slightly to the right of me.

I was totally mesmerised, then as soon as I really realised that this was something completely weird, it moved silently but at such immense speed, that it was gone in an instant!

Gobsmacked, I ran in the house and tried explaining to Steph what had just happened! She thought I was making it up and laughed and I said no more about it.

Later on, my friends Mum got a phone call, saying that my Mum was in Hospital (She had taken an overdose) and could I stay at my friend’s house for a couple of days, which I did.

I have only just realised, over the last couple of days, that there may be a connection between the sighting and what happened with my Mum!

The next time I would have another experience was 16 years later, when I was 26 yrs old, which I will go on to explain in the 2nd experience, to follow.

2nd Experience

16 yrs later, I was staying with my Sister in Falmouth, as her husband was dying from Cancer. I went to help, as she was running a pub at the time.

While there, just before waking up early one morning, I was dreaming that I was rowing my Sister’s husband across a lake, it was very peaceful and tranquil. I awoke to find, that my Brother-in-law had just that moment passed away! That night, I dreamt I saw in the sky 3 bright lights, out of which emerged a UFO. My Brother-in-law came appeared and he gave me a most unusual greeting, via a gesture of his hand, before giving me a message for my Sister.

The next morning, I gave my Sister the message and that was that!

The next incident was 4 yrs or so later.

3rd Experience


I was around 30 yrs old and living in Shropshire with my boyfriend.
We were asleep in bed one night, when I suddenly awoke, to find myself totally catatonic! I could not speak or move. I was aware of a light and my body being scanned up and down. Somehow, I knew I was being scanned to see if I was able to have children! *(When I was 25 yrs old, I had a sterilisation operation, so I could not have children)* So when the scanning finished and who/whatever was scanning me realised this, I was left alone! My ability to move and speak returned and I turned my head to the right to wake my boyfriend up, as I was most upset and in that moment, I saw a Grey leaving the room! My boyfriend said I’d dreamt it! I knew I hadn’t!

I had no more experiences until many years later, when I was living in Cornwall (Gwithian). I used to travel a certain back road frequently at night, which was never busy. For some weeks, I would get the feelin, whilst driving this road, that I was being watched and followed by UFOS. I saw lights but nothing close up. After a few weeks, it stopped completely and I’ve not seen anything since and I am now 59.

However, I have had numerous odd, psychic, telepathic and out of body experiences since the age of 4 yrs old, even dreaming when people close to me are going to die or if something is wrong with them. Whether or not these experiences with UFO’s and my other odd experiences are connected, like someone at CUFORG had thought, I really don’t know. Do you have any thoughts on it?

Thanks for reading my experiences.


Talk soon and Best Wishes,

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