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Could God Actually Be a Level 3 Kardashev Civilization?

A type III civilization would explain God much better than the Annunaki of the Ancient Astronaut theory.


Chicago Alien Rock Band Majungas Promoting Album at Baltimore Alien Con

Alien rock band, Majungas, graced the Baltimore Alien Con this year. If you missed it, that sucks!

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My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis

Deliberate hoaxes and a lack of policing & critical thinking in the UFO community makes it harder and harder for researchers to do their job or even continue to think that there’s anything worth value to find.

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Why I Stopped Watching The History Channel

There’s a valid point by this author – and worth sharing since one of his big reasons happens to be the Ancient Alien theory and how it’s been turned into another cash cow reality show willing to throw aliens at anything in order to get ratings.

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Ancient Alien Theory Should be Reclassified as a Religion

Ancient Alien theory is starting to look more and more like a religion. It might be so bad, that it’s defeating itself and giving archaeology a bad name.

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India’s Ancient Nuclear Weapons – Truth or Fiction?

Ancient nuclear weapons described in the Mahabharata – an ancient Hindu text that speaks of great destructive power 12,000 years ago. But does it hold up?

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Alien Contact: A First-Hand Account by Alex Castro

While many individuals believe that aliens could be friendly, not all feel that way. Alex Castro has been kind enough to provide us with writings based on his experiences with alien abduction. He is convinced that their purpose is malevolent and destructive to the health of humankind.

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Did Ancient Mars Host an Alien Civilization? US Congressman Asks NASA Panel (Video)

Did Mars host an alien civilization a billion years ago? A US Congressman asks a NASA panel about it.

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