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Ancient Alien Theory Should be Reclassified as a Religion

Ancient Alien Theory Should be Reclassified as a Religion

Last updated on April 19, 2024

Ancient Alien theory is starting to look more and more like a religion. It might be so bad, that it's defeating itself and giving archaeology a bad name.

So yea, this is going to be a totally unpopular post. But we don’t care, it must be said. Disclaimer: while the Ancient Alien idea is plausible, this post is mainly about the folks who allow their belief to cloud their judgment.

Ancient Alien Theory: Religion

All over the Internet and the History channel are folks who believe in Ancient Aliens. They subscribe to the idea that human development was guided by extraterrestrials in ancient times.

These beliefs are pulled from ancient writings, stories, and religions. And while there is some evidence which appears to support this idea, many folks have taken it way too far.

You Can’t Ignore Everything Else

One of the big issues with Ancient Alien theorists is that their ideas can only be validated by ignoring a tremendous amount of evidence and cherry-picking that which fits their model. This is a symptom of religiousness and hence why the Ancient Astronaut theory should be reclassified as a religion (in fact many who read this have commented that Ancient Alien theory is their religion).

The video below is a perfect example of how Ancient Alien believers take an ancient artifact and determine its meaning based on the idea that aliens were involved while ignoring mountains of evidence that provide a more reasonable explanation.

If Not Aliens Then Who?

The other problem, which is also a religious trait, is the quick draw to conclude Ancient Aliens caused something to happen simply due to not knowing. “If God didn’t create the universe, then who did?” This is the classic religious argument. “If we don’t know how humans built the pyramids, then aliens must have done it.

There are lots of ancient monolithic sites all over the world. In many cases, archaeologists aren’t 100% certain how ancient civilizations built them. Ancient Alien theorists use this as ‘proof’ of their theory. Unfortunately, the absence of an answer doesn’t imply evidence for aliens.

Search for the Truth, Not Ideological Validation

So this leaves us with the final point. Search for the truth. Research for the truth. And do these things, not in an attempt to prove your belief, but to find the real answers. If those answers happen to align with your beliefs, great… and if not, then were those beliefs really worth holding anyway?

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17 thoughts on “Ancient Alien Theory Should be Reclassified as a Religion”

  1. @alienastromusic NO, they DON’T promote what they discover as a “religion” & denounced those who do at the #ContactInTheDesert conference. I was there & heard them say this. I’ll be blunt. There were 2 DISTINCT groups: Wrinkled 60s hippies still into drugs & Intellectuals discussing discoveries.

  2. Mass misinformation.
    Being religious can bring to light the truth of existence of the unknown.
    But as for categorising it with religion.
    Heads are full of broken bottles.!✌️

  3. Through research I’d say my close encounter was from religion.
    I realised this when I came across religious art with UFO phenomena visible in the background.
    I didn’t know of these images untill after my encounter. When I saw these images it felt the more obvious answer.
    Yet more and more people are attacking religion for whatever reason.
    Even when I explain my knowledge they still insist on attacking religion,
    Fickle mankind I’m afraid to report ✌️

    1. A lot of people don’t have a clue how their spiritual path started.
      I’ve explained to a few people myself.
      They stop and think.people attack something they know nothing about.
      Awakened or not.?

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