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UFO History: The Nuremberg, Germany UFO Sighting of 1561

Paranormal scholar and UFO researcher, Perry Jones, discusses a documented UFO sighting from antiquity.

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Ancient Alien Theory Should be Reclassified as a Religion

Ancient Alien theory is starting to look more and more like a religion. It might be so bad, that it’s defeating itself and giving archaeology a bad name.

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Ancient HistoryIndiaMahabharataNuclear Weapons

India’s Ancient Nuclear Weapons – Truth or Fiction?

Ancient nuclear weapons described in the Mahabharata – an ancient Hindu text that speaks of great destructive power 12,000 years ago. But does it hold up?

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Did Ancient Mars Host an Alien Civilization? US Congressman Asks NASA Panel (Video)

Did Mars host an alien civilization a billion years ago? A US Congressman asks a NASA panel about it.

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