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SpaceX Starshiop

Will SpaceX’s Starship Finally Take Humans to Mars?

SpaceX’s new Starship design could be what finally lands man on the red planet – maybe.

Moon by Per

What Will we Learn from China’s Landing on the Far Side of the Moon?

As China becomes the first to successfully land on the far side of the moon, one must wonder exactly what will they discover and what it will mean to mankind.

SpaceX Falcon

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 at Vandenberg Air Force Base

SpaceX launched the first rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in over a decade.

UFO Woods Moon

Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

There are a handful of good theories on why aliens would visit earth. Which one makes the most sense?

Alien Civilization
Ancient MarsMarsNASA

Does This NASA Image Show Aliens on Mars?

For sure we still have a lot to learn about the red planet. But did aliens live there? And if so, are they still there? Some say there are clues in NASA’s own images.

Cigar Shaped UFONASAStanford Torus

Cigar Shaped Space Ships: A Good Design or Not?

Does it make sense for a spaceship to be cigar-shaped? Scientists research whether an oblong object might be alien, but does the shape pass the sniff test?

Galaxy Man Stars Sky Night Sky
Confirmation BiasCredibilityEcho ChamberHistory Channel

My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis

Deliberate hoaxes and a lack of policing & critical thinking in the UFO community makes it harder and harder for researchers to do their job or even continue to think that there’s anything worth value to find.


Exactly How Big is The Solar System? (Video)

It’s nearly impossible for a human brain to fathom the vast distances of space. Hell, even our own solar system is out of our perception.

UFO in Space
Buzz AldrinCredibilityDebunkedDoD

The Difference Between UFO and “UFO” (and why it’s important)

When someone says “UFO” do you automatically think “Alien Spaceship”? Or do you think “unidentified flying object”? There’s a major difference and it’s hugely important.

area 51 alien sign
Barack ObamaBill ClintonDisclosure

UFO Disclosure: World Leaders Talking About Aliens & UFOs (Video)

When world leaders talk about UFOs, we should listen. It doesn’t happen often.

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