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2 Pilots Over Arizona Report a UFO (Video)

Pilots flying over Arizona reported a UFO in February of 2018 – sightings by pilots and other trained personnel are highly credible.

Fake UFO Video

How to Tell a Fake UFO Video from the Real Thing

There are a ton of people who see fake UFO videos that think they’re real. You don’t have to be a CGI expert to dismiss the fakes.

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The Argument from Ignorance – Trapping UFO Enthusiasts for Decades

Normally a staple of religious zealotry, the Argument from Ignorance has infected the fields of science, medicine, mental health, and just about every other academic thought pool. It’s also made it’s way into UFOlogy.

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My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis

Deliberate hoaxes and a lack of policing & critical thinking in the UFO community makes it harder and harder for researchers to do their job or even continue to think that there’s anything worth value to find.

AdamskiAlien AutopsyAliensCredibility

5 Of the Biggest Alien & UFO Hoaxes Ever Perpetrated

Alien and UFO hoaxes abound in the world of UFOlogy. Did you fall for any of these famous hoaxes? If so, now’s the time to level up your skepticism. A couple had me fooled when I was younger too.

UFO in Space
Buzz AldrinCredibilityDebunkedDoD

The Difference Between UFO and “UFO” (and why it’s important)

When someone says “UFO” do you automatically think “Alien Spaceship”? Or do you think “unidentified flying object”? There’s a major difference and it’s hugely important.

Confirmation BiasCredibilityDebunkedEcho Chamber

UFO Community Credibility: Eroding Itself With Every Share

The UFO community has a serious problem – nobody takes us seriously. And for the most part, it’s our fault.

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