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2 Pilots Over Arizona Report a UFO (Video)

2 Pilots Over Arizona Report a UFO (Video)

Last updated on July 16, 2022

Pilots flying over Arizona reported a UFO in February of 2018 - sightings by pilots and other trained personnel are highly credible.

If you read this blog often, you’ll know I’m a big fan of reports from pilots. Their training gives them a very strong grasp of aerial phenomena.

So when a pilot says he’s seen a UFO, everyone’s ears should be on him. And when 2 pilots see something, even more so.

February 2018 – Over the Skies of Arizona

In the following video, pilots in 2 different plains reported seeing a UFO in February of 2018.

The exchange with air traffic control sounded like something out of The Twilight Zone.

Jeff Glor of CBS This Morning

You’ll have to fast forward about 20 seconds in to hear the report:

Both pilots requested information from air traffic control regarding an object flying above them.

“…Looked Like a UFO”

You can hear a small snicker when one pilot said it looked like a UFO. One of the pilots said the object passed over them by about 2000 to 3000 feet.

While the news only devoted about 45 seconds of airtime to the sighting, it’s an important acknowledgement considering most sighting go unreported by local news agencies.

Men and women who’s job it is to keep their eyes on the skies and protect those flying in their aircraft have a level of credibility that will never be enjoyed by those of us on the ground.

There isn’t much additional information about this sighting available, but it’s worth a note nonetheless due to the nature of the witnesses.

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6 thoughts on “2 Pilots Over Arizona Report a UFO (Video)”

  1. If a person entrusted with many lives on his bus,or weapons attached to his air craft can’t be taken seriously then the everyday citizens that also knows the existence of unidentified craft in our skies really do have the hardest job on Earth.
    To know of the unknown,you can’t evolve with this information without first accepting that we’re not all mad. ❤️?

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