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Târgoviște UFO: A Video out of Romania That’s Too Good to be True

Târgoviște UFO: A Video out of Romania That’s Too Good to be True

Last updated on July 7, 2024

I was recently asked on Facebook to check out this video. And I tell you what - it's some pretty cool CGI but come on people, it's fake.


Like many hoax videos, the original was taken down so we found a version on YouTube, but that was also taken down. Hopefully the version we have linked below stays up and it is marked more appropriately, as a Sci-Fi Short Film.

This week, I was asked by someone on Facebook to take a look at this video. The video was posted to Facebook on January 3, 2018. The post was accompanied by the following comment:

It happened a few minutes ago, near Târgoviște municipality!!!
This is no joke, no fake, no hoax!
People, my hands are still shaking due to emotion.
It’s registered with the phone and I still can’t believe I witnessed to such a scene!

Now the first thing I can say… when you look at that description it looks fishy – before you even watch the video. When someone feels the need to say right away that the video is not a fake or hoax even before anyone has had a chance to make the accusation, it’s a safe bet that it’s a hoax.

And that’s just what we have here. An intentional hoax.

More Like a Recreation

The video reminds me more of a digital recreation you’d see on a documentary. An illustration of an eyewitness sighting. The craft itself flies through the trees instead of over them – a rookie digital editing mistake. The walking alien has no organic movement whatsoever, it’s clearly a smooth animation.

It’s also worth mentioning that the shadow effects are awful. In fact, it’s very overcast and dark; shadows should be barely visible. Come to think of it, there are no shadows at all except for the craft and the alien. This is an example of an animator adding something that wouldn’t actually be there simply because they think it should be.

Most telling, however, is the camera operation. Most people, if they were recording something as fantastic as this, would have been constantly moving the camera back and forth from the craft to the alien, there would be shaky hands etc… But there’s none of that. The camera steadily pans across the areas with the plan already in the cameraman’s mind of where he was going to go back and put the digital images in.

Stop It

So like most of my posts about hoaxes, I have to drop my obligatory: “STOP MAKING THESE”. Hoaxes and fakes like this only destroy the credibility of the UFO community and its legitimate researchers.

There are a very small number of real sightings that must be investigated and the limited resources true UFOlogists must not be tied up with garbage like this. Such an obvious fake was shared by thousands of Romanians as if it were real, even a member of Romania’s parliament shared it. Come on, folks…

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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27 thoughts on “Târgoviște UFO: A Video out of Romania That’s Too Good to be True”

    1. The worse part is that people are sharing this. Some investigator has to burn time debunking obvious bs when they could be spending their time trying to answer the real mysteries.

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