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Mass UFO Sighting Over Los Angeles (Video)

Mass UFO Sighting Over Los Angeles (Video)

Last updated on July 16, 2022

A pretty incredible sighting over Los Angeles in 2015 that actually has a confirmed explanation.

This is a great sighting that was recorded on September 6, 2015, over the skies of Los Angeles. It shows 2 lights moving around in the sky, changing directions, and ending with one of them descending into the city below.

Take a quick watch below and then scroll down to read more.

I love videos like these because they’re truly unexplained. There are 2 independent videos of the same objects and a good location. You can even hear the people in the video discussing what areas of the city are directly below the objects.

Possible Explanations

Any sighting after about 2013 must be pitted against the possibility of being a drone. Drones usually have lights and they can move erratically – they’re very similar to what UFOs have been doing in the skies for decades.

In this case, we’re probably not looking at a drone. The giveaway here is that when these objects move, a tail seems to trail slightly behind them. That’s not something drones have unless someone purposely tied some type of lit flare or another type of flaming object to their drone before flying them up – which is highly unlikely.

Other phenomena frequently mistaken for UFOs include ball lightning, military flares, and balloons. These objects are clearly none of those.

The Real Explanation?

In the 2nd part of the video, you can see that one of the objects descends into an area of the city with 4 bright lights. This is a clue to the identity of these objects. Those lights are the LA Coliseum, a stadium/sports arena.

After reading through the video’s comments on YouTube, I found someone commenting they were actually at a game that night and the lights were the result of a display by the Navy Seals.

These weren’t UFOs. I go to The University of Southern California in Los Angeles and we had our first football game yesterday (9/5/2015) at the LA Coliseum. The game opened with a few Navy Seals descending from the sky with boots that shot tons of bright sparks out. I have photos if you guys want to see. I’ll email them to you if you’d like.

There was a military helicopter hovering over the stadium with its lights off. The NAVY Seals were in the chopper and they slowly came down. And they descended in a slow circle which allowed them to stay longer in the air. There were 4 Seals if I remember correctly. I already sent secure team the photos and a video. The exact same thing. What more evidence do you need? Check their twitter I also replied to their tweets with photos.

George Munoz

Apparently, there is a Navy Seal helicopter in the sky with its lights off, for more dramatic effect.


This video is a perfect example of how great UFO sightings might still have an explanation. I’m still searching for ones that I can’t find an answer to. This one even fooled me at first until I started researching.

Let’s keep our eyes on the skies and searching for those truly unexplained sightings!

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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