My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis

Last updated on December 8, 2017

Deliberate hoaxes and a lack of policing & critical thinking in the UFO community makes it harder and harder for researchers to do their job.

My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis

I’m not kidding that a few years ago, I wholeheartedly believed aliens were visiting our planet. I believed that religions all bore a resemblance to each other because of aliens having visited the earth in ancient times. I even witnessed a UFO myself. But nowadays, I’m having a crisis. You see, I no longer believe that UFOs are alien-controlled ships. I might not believe that we’ve been visited. I might not believe those alien abductions are real. And I have trouble conceiving that aliens guided our ancestors in ancient times. So what the hell happened?

Science & Critical Thinking

First of all, I’m a science guy. I have a degree in engineering and I do IT work as a full-time career. As a result, my education and work experience have taught me the rules of critical thinking. They’ve taught me about drawing conclusions from evidence. They’ve also taught me the dangers of searching for evidence solely to support an existing conclusion. After writing about UFO encounters and researching alternative explanations for the past couple years, very rarely does something come up that isn’t explainable.

I’m not a closed-minded person, in fact, I’m open to the idea that we’re being visited. Unfortunately, a glowing ball in the sky that you can’t identify just isn’t enough to convince me. Alien abduction stories that are clearly cases of sleep paralysis simply don’t convince me. And the History Channel show Ancient Aliens definitely can’t convince me.

Witnesses Too Eager to Believe

The desire to believe is one thing consistent in all of my research on UFO sightings. This desire creates a bias in the witness that’s undeniable. I’ve seen witnesses who quickly come to a conclusion simply based on their existing beliefs.

When a vibrant and beautiful aurora borealis appeared over Siberia, one witness stated, “It’s a gap in the space-time continuum”. This witness didn’t take any measurements. He didn’t measure any gravitational changes. He didn’t check his watch speed to see if it changed. All he did was look up in the sky. He literally just made it up because he believed those things happen. His quote appeared in the Daily Mail which contained many such quotes from locals who observed this totally natural phenomenon.

A deliberate hoax perpetrated on YouTube | Image Credit: YouTube

Lots of Deliberate Hoaxes

The fact is I’ve found a ton of deliberate hoaxes when it comes to UFOs & aliens. While I love and appreciate a good mystery, deliberate hoaxes are the worst. Some of the best footage of aliens and UFOs has turned out to be fake. Remember the alien autopsy? Fake. The Adamski videos? Fake. Crop Circles? Fake.

I totally understand that the existence of hoaxes doesn’t mean there are no real mysteries out there. But their existence and predominance should make anyone take pause before assuming they’re reporting and sharing a real encounter.

UFO Community Not Policing Itself

This is a topic that’s always infuriated me. UFOlogists and researchers regularly share and propagate known hoaxes because they haven’t done their due diligence. It’s the single greatest detriment to the ‘science’ of UFOlogy. What’s worse is they aren’t even likely to call out others who do it either.

I’ve written about the issues with credibility in the UFO community before. I was attacked on social media and banned from certain UFOlogy groups on Facebook as a result. Yet, all I did was present facts. Real facts.

Wrapping it Up

The echo chambers created by the UFO community have made it very difficult to discern the truth from fantasy. If you don’t go along with the status quo, you will likely be ostracized. Consequently, I find myself much more critical of reports. My threshold for proof has become very high. But at the end of that day, when you want to talk about something as extraordinary as alien visitation, shouldn’t the standard for proof be very high? We are, after all, talking about our fate as a species.

So, can you convince me? I want your stories, your evidence, and your experiences.

Featured Image Credit | Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “My Alien & UFO Existential Crisis”

  1. William Dickson

    You dont need new experiences to happen to see the truth in all the information already available.
    The only people finding it difficult is governmental researchers. And you needn’t worry about helping them fill their pockets,as long as you know the truth theyre eager to get their hands on.❤?

  2. Humankind should be every governments main concern, that fact that they are so concerned with alien life is alarming and obvious proof government will, covertly have interactions with various types of alien creatures while they undermine the sovereignty of each human being, but not all humans are having it any longer, the battle lines have been drawn.

  3. Hmmmm…well if you can’t believe in something then what are you? Just another mindless sap who follows what ever the group follows… I admit there are things that don’t have a good explanation but they meant something to someone and who am I to say it didn’t happen. If you chose this platform then continue… If not then good luck

    1. Pretty much everything you’ve questioned or mentioned in your comment is addressed in the article. Maybe you didn’t read past the first paragraph before passing your judgement? I’ve made no hesitation in saying I started this page and the website as a open-minded skeptic and spend much of my energy calling out fakes and misidentifications -and been called names for it, a tradition you’ve elected to continue. Mindless sap? Psshhh… take that attitude somewhere else.

    2. Alien UFO Blog thank you you started the blog and should expect different opinions I believe in UFO’s I have been called so many things and still maintain my experiences… So I will go away just like so many others and be quiet so no one will know.. I wasn’t trying to insult you I am sorry

    3. No need for apologies – I welcome different opinions, just without name-calling & labeling. In fact, personal experiences on this page (and my website) are hyper-protected by me from insults. Trust me – I’ve dealt with enough of that with my own sightings I had when I was younger, I wouldn’t do that to someone else. You are more than welcome, in fact encouraged, to share your experiences here – I won’t tolerate anyone attacking you for it.

    4. Alien UFO Blog you are awesome for doing this and when I read that someone is losing their vision of things which happened in life it distresses me. I am always around here I’m disabled and have been through a lot I have lived around the world and have seen a lot and know a lot about these things my father was a military man and exposed me to many people who experienced things beyond belief keep up your blog you are one of the only I followed..thank you

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