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UFO Green Clouds

List of UFO Hoax Sites | BDSC

Scott Browne compiled a list of UFO sites that purposely post misinformation & falsehoods. This is the stuff to stay away from because it’s simply not real.

UFO Over Field
Crop CirclesCrop FormationsHoaxHoaxes

Are Crop Circles Real? And Who (or What) Creates Them?

Are crop circles real? And if so, who (or what) creates them? Many are hoaxes, but there are lots of other theories – Here’s what the evidence says.

Fake UFO Video

How to Tell a Fake UFO Video from the Real Thing

There are a ton of people who see fake UFO videos that think they’re real. You don’t have to be a CGI expert to dismiss the fakes.

Val Johnson Patrol Car UFO Damage
AliensBall of LightHoaxMinnesota

Val Johnson Incident | More Than Just A UFO Sighting

This is a great detailed read on the Val Johnson incident. We might never know the truth, but there are a handful of possibilities – including aliens. What do you think it was?

Guardian UFO
Carp CaseCUFORNGuardianHoax

The Guardian UFO Case | A Hoax with a Positive Impact

While no one ever outright admitted the video was faked, the Canadian chapter of MUFON determined the Guardian UFO Case to be an elaborate hoax. That being said, it still had a positive effect on the field of UFOlogy.


A Video out of Romania That’s Too Good to be True

I was recently asked on Facebook to check out this video. And I tell you what – it’s some pretty cool CGI but come on people, it’s fake.

Water Tower UFO Hoax

Exposed: The Water Tower UFO Hoax | BDSC

The folks at Black Diamond Social Club discuss a major hoax that took place in the UK and how the man who proved it was a hoax got ostracized from UFO groups as a result.


“Real Alien” Footage: Alien Proof or Dark Web Hoax?

A known hoax from 2008 republished recently on a well-known YouTube channel. This is why nobody takes us seriously.

AdamskiAlien AutopsyAliensCredibility

5 Of the Biggest Alien & UFO Hoaxes Ever Perpetrated

Alien and UFO hoaxes abound in the world of UFOlogy. Did you fall for any of these famous hoaxes? If so, now’s the time to level up your skepticism. A couple had me fooled when I was younger too.

Confirmation BiasCredibilityDebunkedEcho Chamber

UFO Community Credibility: Eroding Itself With Every Share

The UFO community has a serious problem – nobody takes us seriously. And for the most part, it’s our fault.

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