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The Alien Brain Hemorrhage: A Shot for Believers

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage: A Shot for Believers

Last updated on October 12, 2023

The Alien Brain Hemorrhage, is a low-alcohol content shot with a unique 'brain' look. Check out the recipe and taste profile here!

Ok so this one isn’t really an alien abduction or UFO sighting. It’s an adult beverage called The Alien Brain Hemorrhage.

One thing I really like about this drink is that it’s a very low-alcohol content shot which means if you happen to like the taste, you can enjoy a few without getting hammered.

It may not be as cutesy as a vodka gummy bear popsicle, but it’s definitely a fun and easy shot to make.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Recipe

So what’s in it? Well, you start off with a shot glass – perhaps slightly larger than a normal shot. The first thing you do is fill the shot glass to about 3/4 full with Peach Schnapp’s. Next, take some Bailey’s Irish Cream (the original version works best) and pour a small amount in. Pour the Bailey’s gently so most of it sits on top of the Schnapp’s.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

The Bailey’s will immediately curdle which gives it that ‘brain’ look. Finally, add a splash of Blue Curacao and a splash of Grenadine syrup for that bloody alien coloring.

What’s it Taste Like?

When I do shots, I normally do shots of single liquors like Jack Daniels or Vodka. Doing shots that have 3-4 ingredients is a rarity for me, so relatively speaking, the flavor profile of the Alien Brain Hemorrhage is fairly complex.

Initially, the shot tastes like all Peach Schnapp’s with a light hint of citrus. But once it’s gone, the creamy finish of the Bailey’s kicks in and lingers a bit. Personally, I don’t taste much in the way of the Grenadine and assume it’s mostly for that blood-like effect.

Have you ever had an Alien Brain Hemorrhage? What did you think of it?

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