The Alien Brain Hemorrhage: A Shot for Believers

Ok so this one isn’t really an alien abduction or UFO sighting. It’s an adult beverage called The Alien Brain Hemorrhage.

One thing I really like about this drink is that it’s a very low-alcohol content shot which means if you happen to like the taste, you can enjoy a few without getting hammered.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage Recipe

So what’s in it? Well, you start off with a shot glass – perhaps slightly larger than a normal shot. The first thing you do is fill the shot glass to about 3/4 full with Peach Schnapp’s. Next, take some Bailey’s Irish Cream (the original version works best) and pour a small amount in. Pour the Bailey’s gently so most of it sits on top of the Schnapp’s.

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

The Bailey’s will immediately┬ácurdle which gives it that ‘brain’ look. Finally, add a splash of Blue Curacao and a splash of Grenadine syrup for that bloody alien coloring.

What’s it Taste Like?

When I do shots, I normally do shots of single liquors like Jack Daniels or Vodka. Doing shots that have 3-4 ingredients is a rarity for me, so relatively speaking, the flavor profile of the Alien Brain Hemorrhage is fairly complex.

Initially, the shot tastes like all Peach Schnapp’s with a light hint of citrus. But once it’s gone, the creamy finish of the Bailey’s kicks in and lingers a bit. Personally, I don’t taste much in the way of the Grenadine and assume it’s mostly for that blood-like effect.

Have you ever had an Alien Brain Hemorrhage? What did you think of it?

Featured Image Credit: Tipsy Bartender

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