Who is Valiant Thor? A look at the Alien who Allegedly Lived at the Pentagon

Last updated on November 8, 2018

Valiant Thor was allegedly an alien who came to Earth to provide some type of assistance to humanity in the late 1950's - but was he real or was it a hoax?

Who is Valiant Thor? A look at the Alien who Allegedly Lived at the Pentagon

The other day I was working on one of my other websites. Concurrently, I had some random UFO documentary on TV playing in the background. I like background TV when I’m doing work. That’s when I heard them talking about an individual called “Valiant Thor”. Valiant Thor, also knows as “Val” Valiant Thor was allegedly an alien who came to Earth to provide some type of assistance to humanity in the late 1950’s.

Now, when it comes to reputable sightings, I’m generally well-read. But I had never heard of Valiant Thor before. I immediately began doing some cursory research to see if this documentary was digging through real historical evidence or simply pedaling an already-known hoax (as many of them do).

I’m hugely skeptical of these types of stories. I’ll explain why as we get deeper into my analysis.

Who Was Val Valiant Thor? The Claims…

Allegedly, Valiant Thor (who also went by just “Val”) was an alien from Venus.

He had an IQ of 1200, and spoke 100 different languages. He looked mostly human, but he had 6 fingers on each hand and had some other internal physiological differences as well[1].

Val Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor supposedly had 6 fingers on each hand | Image Source: YouTube

After working for the US government for some time, he left in his spaceship.

Notable figures of the time such as President Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon both met him during his stay here on Earth[2].

Phil Schneider: The Originator of the Story

Much of this story comes from Phil Schneider. He was a geologist and engineer who claimed to have worked on various secret government projects.

Schneider also said he’d met Thor himself. I used to have a video of Phil Schneider talking about Valiant Thor, but that video has since been taken down unfortunately. Perhaps this lends credence to the idea that Valiant Thor was real and his existence is being hidden?

Dr. Frank Stranges: Another Witness

Dr. Stranges was the author of the book, Stranger at the Pentagon, in which he talks about the alien from Venus who worked at the Pentagon.

Stranges claimed to have met Thor on at least one occasion.

It is also claimed that Val Valiant Thor attended a meeting with some of the world’s greatest scientist on the USS Eldridge just 3 days before the Philadelphia Experiment commenced.

Valiant Thor was allegedly sent to Earth to discuss the implications of humanity’s nuclear weapons[3].

Is There Any Proof? Was “Val” Valiant Thor Real?

Sadly, we only have the words of these two men to go on. If there are documents that provide proof, they’ve either been destroyed or extremely well hidden.

In addition, we know that Venus is extremely hot. And while I’m open to the idea that a humanoid life form might be able to evolve to live there, it’s very unlikely any organism adapted for that environment would be able to also walk around on the earth without some kind of protection.

The interesting thing though is that no one seems to be able to definitively prove the Valiant Thor story to be a hoax. There are no confessions of fabrication or smoking guns to indicate someone lied about what they saw.

Nevertheless, we must tread lightly. While the stories are compelling, until concrete evidence is found (which may never happen), we must take the stories of “Val” Valiant Thor carefully. Ultimately it’s up to each individual to decide whether they believe the story or not.

FAQs About Valiant Thor

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17 thoughts on “Who is Valiant Thor? A look at the Alien who Allegedly Lived at the Pentagon”

  1. I am open to accepting that there are aliens and that there may be proof, but where this story fails is when it makes the claim that Valiant came from Venus. No human type alien could exist on Venus, so if Valiant did make contact, he did not come from Venus or anywhere else in our Solar System

    1. According to some stories, his civilization lived inside the planet rather than on its surface. I’m not sure if that really holds water, but it could be theorized that the inside of the planet could be more hospitable to humanoid life than the surface of the planet.

  2. i always liked this story. I was always confused because the first photo here is of someone completely different looking than who valiant thor is depicted as being. The first picture is of a man that looks like an alien. Very short,almost bald blonde hair,pointy chin,probably blue eyes, scandinavian look.
    The guy looks like a tall blonde alien, the picture seems to be directed at the mans hands and you can see his hand looks like an alien hand with the long pointer finger. It supposedly as 6 fingers&the guy in the first picture has a hand that looks like it would have 6fingers lol. Its strange, I often wondered if the man with the dark hair was just the handler of the alien because they are clearly two different people.

  3. Its my Belief that Valiant Thor, was a real person. Daddy did tried to help humankind. The doors that were in power Did not want what he was willing to give. I say we have to give up too much power and lose a lot of money. Sometimes I wonder how many times we have had opportunities like this. From other Out side sources.

    1. We’re a tribal and war-mongering species. If a benevolent alien being came to help us, we’d probably turn them away if they weren’t offering some kind of profit in return. It is very sad.

  4. I believe Valiant Thor to be who he said he was, just think if they had followed his instructions what a world of peace we would have now rather than war. I would sure liked to have met Valiant Thor and gone abroad his space craft. Most of us want peace and are willing to get along with others, but their needs to be many changes in the population such as people being responsible for what they do and apologizing as needed.

  5. I believe these stories. Some also believe that Nichola Tesla was from Venus, as well. Everyone must understand these realities have been hidden from us for centuries. 6,000 years of historic lying and misrepresentations by the Illuminati.

    1. I find it hard to believe that the person he chose to go to was a minister. When Eisenhower was skeptical of him, he needed to go out and find another influential world leader to persuade, bearing in mind they said he could teleport to his space ship. He needed a pentagon employee to smuggle him to meet a religious man named Stranges. He could have teleported to literally anyone. Lol

    2. According to Frank Stranges, Valiant Thor told him at that time there were currently 77 different aliens from Venus who were coming and going as they pleased – he wasn’t the only one.

  6. I believe in all of what phil has said, there’s no reason why he would make all this stuff up. The government has been lying to us , since day one. I believe ,one day , all the information is going to come out like a tidal wave , and that’s when things are going to turn around. Get rid of all these corrupt people in high places.

  7. There seems to be two alleged photographs of this Valiant Thor fellow — the one presented by Phil Schneider (R.I.P. – absolutely murdered, BTW) and by Al Bielek, and another one of a considerably younger and different-looking man in the company of two fellow Venusian ET humanoids. The second photo shows Val to have slicked-back brunette hair, dressed smartly in a suit and to be about 30 years old (in our human years). He’s sitting beside a similarly well-dressed, fit-looking, dark-haired man and a blonde, slim, smiling young lady dressed in a blouse and a long-ish skirt. It’s alleged that this particular photo was taken when these Venusians were supposedly invited to a lawn garden party at the home of a U.S. Government official in the 1950s.

    Personally, I think Dr. Stranges’ story smells like bullshit. I haven’t read his book ‘Stranger At The Pentagon’ (because it’s been out-of-print for years, and the few copies that remain are ridiculously overpriced), but I’ve seen him being interviewed and he doesn’t come across as genuine to me at all. I reckon he was just a CIA-employed disinfo agent.

    Phil Schneider seemed like a very genuine guy though. Believe me when I say that I only ever seek truth about these matters as much as you do! :-/ 🙂

  8. still two crop circles, 12/7/2020 & 16/7/2020 refer to him, 3,5 days from each other with a reference to the 3,5 days of the tribulation. Thor’s age 490 years old is a reference to the 70 year weeks in Daniel 9.

    1. Val Thor! I’ve read books by
      Frank strange! True are false?
      I think Val Thor was is real but I
      Think the story is not told right?
      Space alien maybe? Or part of the
      Secret Governmental groups who
      work with Aliens? CIA type or above? I don’t think the story’s
      a complete lie there at least a grain
      of truth to it.


  9. There was alot of actual film footage and documentation on the group… I’m not sure it was faked. Research it yourself.

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