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The Philadelphia Experiment & Alien Encounter Claims

The Philadelphia Experiment & Alien Encounter Claims

Last updated on October 2, 2021

The Philadelphia Experiment is an amazing story in and of itself. But there are also claims the men on board during the teleportation encountered aliens.

The Philadelphia Experiment, a possible teleportation of an entire Navy ship and crew, is an amazing story in and of itself. But there are also claims that the men who were on board during the teleportation encountered aliens from another dimension during the teleportation.

The Claims of The Philadelphia Experiment

I first became aware of The Philadelphia Experiment through the show, History’s Mysteries, which used to air on the History Channel. There was a movie made about it as well, but I’m not much of a movie guy and never even heard of it.

According to some, the USS Eldridge was part of a WWII experiment which might render entire ships invisible.

The experiment took place in July of 1943 in a Philadelphia ship yard. In addition to invisibility, it’s also claimed the ship teleported 300 miles from Philadelphia to a Navy yard in Norfolk, VA and then back within minutes.

While many consider The Philadelphia Experiment to be nothing more than a fabricated story, there are others who say differently.

The stories says the crew were sickened, with some of them being embedded into the ship itself.

The first thing they found was 2 sailors buried in the steel deck. Their bodies were literally buried in the steel dying, or near dead. Two more were found standing upright in a bulkhead, also buried in the steel. A 5th man with his hand buried in the steel up to his wrist. ~Al Bielek, alleged survivor and author: “Philadelphia Experiment & Other Conspiracies” on History’s Mysteries

You can watch a clip of the History’s Mysteries episode below:

Alien Involvement?

Interestingly enough, my first exposure to The Philadelphia Experiment made no mention of aliens. I only discovered those claims while researching other UFO sightings.

So I decided to dig deeper to see if there really was a UFO or alien connection.

Many books about The Philadelphia Experiment claim that the crew encountered aliens while on their interdimensional journey.

While we can’t automatically discredit eyewitness accounts, words from the men who lived it would mean a lot more.

The biggest hurdle is there is only one first-hand account. A man by the name of Al Bielek claims to have been on board the ship during the experiment. He also claims that he’d traveled through time and that the US Military had sent him to Mars on multiple missions.

The problem with the claims from Bielek is that no one has ever independently corroborated any of his stories.

Issues With the Man who Broke the Case

How the story of The Philadelphia Experiment came to be is interesting in and of itself. It all started when Morris Jessup, the author of a recently published book on UFOs, received 2 letters from Carlos Miguel Allende (AKA: Carl Allen).

In the letters, Allen alleged that he’d witnessed the experiment. His letters detailed all of the claims The Philadelphia Experiment is known for.

These claims included optical invisibility, teleportation, interdimensional travel, aliens, and the claim regarding sailors being fused to the hull of the ship upon its rematerialization.

Needless to say, Morris Jessup dismissed Carlos Allende as a crazy man. But a couple years later, things got weird.

Unexpected Credibility

Crazy men are generally not paid any attention to by official organizations. But in 1957, just 2 years after Jessup released his book, The Case for the UFO, that’s exactly what happened.

Jessup was contacted by the Office of Naval Research after having received a paperback copy of his book which had been annotated. The annotations were written in 3 different shades of pink.

The handwriting all seemed to match that in the letters sent by Carlos Allende.

The annotations contained references to The Philadelphia Experiment and some other theories that had been introduced in the book.

The Office of Naval Research made 100 copies of the annotated version for distribution.

The annotated version of the book is known as the Varo edition, after the Varo Manufacturing Company which published the copies for the ONR.

Were Aliens Involved & Did The Experiment Even Happen?

Normally, I’d be pretty quick to say the entire thing was a hoax. It all rests on the claims of a single man without established credibility.

If Carlos Allende truly was a witness to The Philadelphia Experiment, he may have seen a ship go invisible and he may have been able to see crewmen buried in the steel. But as a witness, how would he know it appeared 300 miles away? And how would he know the crew encountered aliens during it’s journey?

Some sources state that Carlos Allende eventually was tracked down, interviewed, and retracted his story as a hoax. He even allegedly signed a confession stating so.

But if he made the whole thing up why would the Navy have been so interested in his annotated book to contact the author & fund a publishing run of copies? Was he really onto something?

We may never know the full answer. Al Bielek passed away in 2011 and it’s believed that Carlos Allende died in 1994. Morris Jessup committed suicide in 1959.

The lack of modern day witnesses and an unexplained interest in the story by the Navy is what makes The Philadelphia Experiment so interesting.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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7 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Experiment & Alien Encounter Claims”

  1. Yes I did read it – which is why I don’t understand why you asked those questions. The entire article was about answering those 3 questions specifically. I’m on the East Coast now, haven’t been back to Santa Monica this year yet, but I’m sure it hasn’t changed much.

    1. I’d say it’s possible that something did happen, but with all potential first-hand witnesses dead by now, there’s very little chance any evidence that would prove it beyond a doubt.

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