Alien Contact: A First-Hand Account by Alex Castro

While many individuals believe that aliens could be friendly, not all feel that way. Alex Castro has been kind enough to provide us with writings based on his experiences with alien abduction. He is convinced that their purpose is malevolent and destructive to the health of humankind.

Alien Contact

The first time the world outside of our orbit began to contact me, was the week my Dad died, Moms brother Tio Juan came down from San Jose California to stay with us for a few weeks and once again the Supranatural came to life. The night after the funeral my mom and Tio Juan and us kids were up late talking, I don’t know if all the kids went to sleep but I know I said, “I’m going to sleep” and went into my room. As I can recall, once I fell asleep, I was awake, but in my dream or an unconscious state. I could see the room and hear my mom and Tio Juan talking. At that moment what seemed to be a tornado started spinning in the room. This vortex started to suck me up towards the ceiling, I was so scared I started screaming for my mom and uncle to help me but nothing. As I was getting closer to the ceiling I kept thinking, “the Devil is trying to take me!” as soon as I thought that, I was back in my body and awake. I ran to the door of the room and ran out, when I got to the living room I told them, “didn’t you hear me calling you”? They said no. I guess I must have told them what I had dreamed. Now I know it was no dream, but the first attempt of abduction. These were the beings in my room.

The first time the alien world would expose themselves by name, would expose me to its existence was through an unconscious dream state. It was around 1986 I dreamed that I was in outer space, while I was floating out there I was in front of a satellite, I believe at the time the name of this satellite was B.E.A.S.T. In the dream, Ronald Regan was giving the speech to the united nation about the Star Wars program. His speech was in regards to missile defense of foreign and outer space threats. After watching this scene play itself out before my eyes I heard this word “WORMWOOD” than I woke up. As I thought on the dream I was like, what is this? What does it mean? Does it have any meaning? The only part of the dream I thought at the time had any real meaning was the word Wormwood, this word was in the bible in the book of Revelation. I’ll say that it would mean more than I could imagine then, I could have not understood then, with my limited knowledge of hidden truths, facts about God, Humans, heaven and earth and so much more. It was the start of what seems like a crumb trail of information that one day would make sense. I wrote all these things down only to lose them or throw them away over the years. All these things traumatized me for years, trying to make sense of it all. Along with all the supernatural activity going on around me, I’m lucky not to be in an asylum. It would only escalate over the years till the answers came, unbelievable, frightening and incredible but amazing, intriguing and in a strange way made sense. Wormwood I would later find means Niburu, where some Anunakis live.

The celestial powers began to make themselves known to me, an 18-yr boy. Now after a few years, they were back and it clear what they’re plans for me would entail. I was staying at my Moms house at this time, devoted Christian lady, so if I was going to leave my wife and stay at her house, I had to be doing the Lords work, she set up a bible study for me to preach at a home that served as a church. The night before I would give this bible study; I was preparing my self, reading the bible praying for illumination and putting together the message. The message that I prepare to preach I titled “Exposing the work of the Devil”. I got the message ready, it was late and I turned in for the night. I remember I lay down on a small bed my mom had in a room in the middle of the small house she lived in, a living room serving as a bedroom. Falling asleep, it seemed like just a second and I was awake, I was dreaming, or so I thought. I found my self-awake but my body asleep, in the same bed in the same room, awakened by a knock at the door. In this state of unconsciousness, I could see in the front room, my older brother asleep, when he heard the knock, he got up and opened the door, (in my dream I thought, “don’t open the door! Why are you opening the door?!) soon as the door was opened, two dogs ran in and came straight to the edge of the bed I was sleeping on, ferocious, growling right behind them ran in a slender, naked, greyish green man. This man jumped on top of me and started to choke me, he put his thumb in my mouth, I tried to bite his thumb, but it was if I was doing nothing at all, it had a fierce, angry look on its face, ferocious. After what seemed a few seconds, the facial expression of this Grey changed, it looked perplexed, his expression changed from fierce to afraid like if something inside me was repelling him, at that very moment he jumps off and takes off out the front door with his dogs behind him. I instantly woke up, I was sweating, I could still feel the guys hands on my throat but most of all, my body was in pain, like if I was beaten up. I woke my mom up and told her what just happened, we concluded that the devil (in Spanish, Diablo, EA-BA-EL/ENKI’s name changed by Enlil after he was found tampering with human DNA and was consider a criminal, had Anunaki written all over it, I at that time had no clue of these things, later in life everything became clear) wanted me quiet, or so I thought, it was clear that they desired to silence me from speaking but, about what? I didn’t know at that time…their covert operations here on earth.

For a long time, I didn’t know why I had acquired biblical knowledge as well as extraterrestrial information…they’re not supposed to harmonize…well, now I know…and we all need to get it together and digest the reality that our planet and humankind is under attack… The human species is the focus. Jesus, though fictitious to some focused on this but spoke in a different terminology…demons…spirits…powers…well the language has changed but the message the same…a race of aliens called Anunnaki, Greys, and Reptilians are jointly working with global governments, keeping them hidden from humanity for they’re covert operations of human depopulation. It’s our responsibility, us who have been warded with this privy information, to give to the masses. Any and all historical info is only for us to know we’re dealing with, proof of the tyranny placed on the human species. They are not (Anunnaki, Grey, Raptillians) benevolent….but a danger to humankind…Do not make them your Gods…they are here lawlessly… Research is all our responsibility. I hope you post and your readers take note of what we are facing now..and that we all need to be proactive in whistleblowing this information. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

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