Area 51 Satellite Images Give Insight to Employee Recreational Activities

I recently wrote an article about a cyclist who went for a ride at Area 51 with his Strava app running. His route was recorded on the Strava heat map for all of the world to see. My article focused on the lack of operational security at many installations around the world.

But it got me thinking about something… What do Area 51 employees do for fun? How do they blow off steam?

Satellite Image of Area 51 | Image Credit: Google Maps

Area 51 Employees are Just as Human as the Rest of Us (We Think!)

We’re all prone to mistakes. And while the secret nature of Area 51 implies that only the best of the best work there, these folks still need to blow off steam once in a while.

Exercising during one’s lunch break is common practice these days. Considering that Area 51 employees have to fly to work every day, it’s safe to assume their workdays are very long.

Area 51 Satellite Images Provide Clues

It’s probably safe to say employees aren’t spending their free time zipping around in flying saucers. I figured I’d see if there were any clues in the satellite images.

Area 51 Baseball Field
A baseball field on the western edge of the complex is one of the few green areas visible | Image Credit: Google Maps

Baseball & Softball

How cool would it be to say you can played softball in Area 51? This baseball field looks to be kept in pretty good shape. They’re keeping it well maintained and you can see see the main baselines.

Area 51 Tennis Court
A tennis court at Area 51 | Image Credit: Google Maps


Keeping pace with other military installations, Area 51 appears to have a tennis court as well. It’s just a couple hundred feet from the baseball field.

Slater Lake Area 51
Slater Lake | Image Credit: Google Maps


That’s not a Nevada desert oasis. It’s a man-made lake.

Slater Lake was built in the 1960’s specifically for recreational purposes. The government stocked the lake with fish so employees would have something to catch.

All Work & No Play…

Just like any other work environment, Area 51 employees had some options for getting their minds off of work once in a while. It made them more productive that’s for sure.

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