Secrets of Area 51 & Dreamland – UFOs & Aliens

We can probably stop calling Area 51 "Secret" now... the entire world knows about it.

Dreamland has been recognized as the code name used pertaining to Area 51. It is the “secret” military base that is situated around ninety miles from the city of Las Vegas in Nevada. This is also called the Groom Lake and was named after the dried lake bed where the armed forces base sits on. The measurement of the lake base is 6 miles wide by 10 miles long. Recently, the Federal government has seized extra 85,000 acres that surround the base so as to keep the observers at a certain distance.

Contained somewhere within the grounds is the huge air base which the government of the US would not discuss. It’s considered so sensitive that those people who are taking the pledge of confidentiality for life are permitted in. The civilian contractors as well as those people who are working at the military base are flown in each morning aboard unmarked planes with the blacked-out windows. It’s said that structures are constructed in the desert floor with the 30 to 40 story buildings underneath the surface.

Area 51 was initially launched in 1955 and it served as the testing facility intended for U-2 spy aircraft that is being developed and engineered by the Lockheed Aircraft. Since then, Area 51 turned to be the famous sign for the United States government UFO or alien cover-up. It was supposedly where the recovered foreign spacecraft are to be tested or reverse-engineered to find out how they are working.

Satellite Image of Area 51

Area 51 Satellite Image dreamland
Satellite Image of Area 51 | Image Credit: Google Maps

S-4 is the parcel of the land which is a portion of Area 51. The most secret study actually took place there. This particular military base was so well-known and popular that each school child in the United States knows its name. It was part of the vocabulary for many UFO researchers through the years. Each military power within the globe is aware of Area 51, and as portion of the international treaty known as the Open Skies Treaty, the US government is obliged to fly other nations on the base as per demand.

The government of the United States comes with reciprocal freedom and rights for their respective bases. Aside from that, the area 51 is not simply an American base, but it is the global base that is being managed by the consortium of different countries. Partly as the outcome of this particular arrangement, there are not just hundreds but thousands of the air surveillance as well as satellite photos available in connection with this so-called “secret” base.

There were Russian surveillance photos that were taken from the satellites of area 51 and these are made available for anybody in the internet, anytime and any day for free. It was in April 1994 when the Popular Science magazine has featured the satellite picture of the Groom Lake base that is on the cover. The issue has contained the article on the base including the history of it. This particular ignited mainstream media interest in learning more regarding the Area 51. Larry King, a TV personality & broadcaster, gone to Area 51 for a show from the set out of the perimeter. So when Larry King knows, will still be a secret?


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5 thoughts on “Secrets of Area 51 & Dreamland – UFOs & Aliens”

  1. Just what’s above the rest is miles in the ground where the good stuff is….S4 Is where they study alien technology and area 51 is where they integrate into our technology like the B2 and especially the TR3B

  2. The surface is a front it’s all miles underground and most bases are connected by a rail system that sucks the air out of the tube the tram rides in and makes able to travel at Mach speeds

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