“Breaching” – A Song by Munook Inspired by Alien Experiences

We were recently contacted by Munook, a musical project centered around unique experiences. They recently finished up a studio session for the song Breaching. The song was written about experiences with aliens.

It is called Breaching, and is about my own experiences with the “phenomenon” as well as cleared samples from Dr. John Macks interviews with the Zimbabwe children who collectively saw a ufo (one of the most credible cases ever in my opinion) At any rate, if you like to share this new song on your twitter/facebook/blog, I wouldn’t stop you. If you just want to enjoy it by yourself, that’s fine too. I hope you have a good evening. Sincerely.

I’m always looking to help out folks – so here’s the video. I must say, even though it’s not my style of music personally, it’s very good. Check it out:

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