The Best Images of Area 51 by UFO Seekers

Last updated on September 27, 2017

UFO Seekers take some of the best camera equipment up a mountain to take amazing shots of Area 51 from over 25 miles away.

The Best Images of Area 51 by UFO Seekers

You really can’t mention UFOs without including Area 51 in the conversation. Of the broad number of stories about UFOs and outsider sightings that have energized fear inspired notions amid the twentieth century, there is no a solitary one with as much dissemination in pop culture as Area 51 and the supposed Roswell episode, which tells how on the 7 of July of 1947 an affirmed extraterrestrial ship slammed amidst the leave, close to that residential community of New Mexico, in the United States.

For decades the US Government refused to acknowledge the existence of Area 51. Today we know that it was home to many of the military’s most classified projects – specifically those involving super secret aircraft at the height of the cold war. The installation includes test flight areas all over Nevada where the Air Force developed and tested stealth technology. Part of Nellis Air Force base in Nevada, Area 51 is heavily guarded. It’s part of Groom Lake. Read more about Area 51. The area all around Area 51 is highly restricted, including miles and miles of airspace. This airspace is a frequent staging point for UFO sightings and other unexplained aerial phenomena. People come from all over the country to sky watch at this location.

best images of Area 51
Taken from a mountain peak nearly 25 miles away, a water tower can be seen along with a large grouping of buildings. | Image Credit: UFO Seekers

Area 51 Was Worth The Trip

The hassle didn’t stop the folks from UFO Seekers. Tim and Tracy Doyle have taken high-resolution photos from 25 miles away using special equipment to gain a glimpse of Area 51. Although their images don’t provide conclusive proof of extraterrestrial technology or alien bodies, they’re fascinating nonetheless.

The two investigators climbed a treacherous hike up to the top of Tikaboo Peak in order to get the photos. The journey was made even more dangerous due to the amount of camera equipment they had to lug along with them. Along with the ever-present threat of military police who routinely harass folks near Area 51 even when they’re well outside the boundaries of the base, they had to contend with the weather only hoping the day would be clear enough to capture images through 25 miles of desert atmosphere.

Now, when you become President, one of the first things you’re asked is what really happens at Area 51.

President Barrak Obama in 2013

The road to Tikaboo Peak is far from being a cakewalk. Badger Valley Road is a rough dirt road over 20 miles long off highway 93. There’s nothing out there. As the UFO Seekers said, “If you break down or get stuck, it’s a multiple day hike back out.”

Here is the full video of what the UFO Seekers were able to see:

View Removed

Unfortunately, the video has been changed to private and is no longer available.

More Than Just a Military Base

It is thought by conspiracy theorists that Area 51 supports the one world government Majestic 12 organization or that it houses living & dead alien beings. When the location exploded into pop culture due to Robert Lazaar’s interviews, he had claimed that it was used for reverse engineering alien technology. Still, others believe that Area 51 was used to develop technologies related to HAARP and weather control.

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