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Roswell Crash Site Sold

The infamous site appears to have changed ownership.

Roswell Daily Record July 8 1947
AliensNew MexicoRoswellUFO

Roswell Trivia: Check out This Quiz & Test Your Knowledge

The Roswell crash was a defining moment in flying saucer history. How much do you know about it? This test is pretty fun.

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The Roswell Report

If you don’t know about the Roswell incident, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. Here’s something to catch you up.

Socorro Incident UFO
Egg ShapedLonnie ZamoraNew MexicoPolice

The Socorro Incident | What Did Lonnie Zamora Actually See? (Video)

Sightings that leave behind physical evidence and independent corroborating witnesses like this one set the bar for credible reports.

Area 51
Area 51Groom LakeHAARPMajestic 12

The Best Images of Area 51 by UFO Seekers

UFO Seekers take some of the best camera equipment up a mountain to take amazing shots of Area 51 from over 25 miles away.

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