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UFO Video Posted by New York Post is Just Another Plane

UFO Video Posted by New York Post is Just Another Plane

Last updated on July 7, 2024

A video of an unidentified flying object taken from the window of a passenger jet looks very cool, but turns out it was just another plane.

I was browsing videos on YouTube the other day and came across a video posted by New York Times claiming to show a UFO captured on video by a passenger on a plane.

Watch the UFO Video

The first few seconds of the video are really cool. It’s definitely an odd looking thing flying through the sky:

I’ll admit, a full identification doesn’t appear to be possible. So, in the strictest sense of the word, it is a UFO. But I will tell you it’s not an alien spaceship.

New York Post was nice enough to add some creepy music to the background (gag). Why do some UFO videos always do this? Can’t we just experience the sighting in the same way as the actual witnesses?

I Like Videos Like This…

One of the things that videos like this can help us understand is how easily someone can be mistaken about what’s being seen.

The video taken from a plane means the camera itself is moving at upwards of 500 mph which makes any other moving object appear to be doing things it couldn’t normally do. It’s all about the frame of reference.

Spaceship? No.

At about the 20-second mark in the video, it becomes clear that we’re seeing a contrail from some type of jet propelled vehicle. While I’m open to the idea of alien spaceships, I’m fairly certain that any alien visitors have progressed beyond jet propulsion.

Of course, we can’t tell exactly what kind of aircraft was caught on video, but I think it’s safe to rule out aliens in this one. In fact, even in the comments of the video many frequent flyers said they see this all the time and that’s it’s simply another jet.

There are lots of examples of UFOs being spotted from planes but unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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