The Most Reputable UFO Blogs & Resources on The Internet

Last updated on January 29th, 2022 at 09:01 pm

Here's a list of the top websites and UFO Blogs I've found and use which provide the most reputable research on UFOs and aliens.

The Most Reputable UFO Blogs & Resources on The Internet

Any UFO enthusiast knows there’s no shortage of websites and UFO blogs dedicated to the search for alien life. But navigating through hoax sites and click-bait can be tiresome.

There’s also the issue of running into sites where the writers and researchers believe so strongly that every single thing moving in the sky must be aliens.

So where do you go for good unbiased information?

When I do research for my articles, I really put effort into finding reputable sources. Credibility is key. Here’s a list of the top sites I’ve found which provide the most reputable research on UFOs and aliens.

The Mutual UFO Network – MUFON

MUFON is by far one of the most reputable sites you can find. They have a global network of trained investigators who research UFO sightings and alien abduction reports around the world.

MUFON Logo Reputable UFO Blogs

The MUFON organization has been around since 1969 and takes pride in applying the scientific method to their research.

MUFON approaches every report with an eye towards proving separating the hoaxes & misidentifications from the true mysteries.

If MUFON concludes that a sighting is unexplained, you can be confident they’ve honestly researched it to arrive at that conclusion.

The National UFO Reporting Center

Also known as NUFORC, The National UFO Reporting Center keeps a large database of UFO sighting reports. The reports are similar to the database kept on MUFON.

NUFORC was founded in 1974 and actually has a 24/7 hotline for reports.

While they don’t have investigators going out into the field to research reports, their report database is a treasure trove for those looking to find sightings similar to their own or to find multiple reports which corroborate a single event.

The UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania

For a more local twist, the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania provides a real world take on unexplained phenomena.

They don’t post often, and while much of their information includes paranormal topics outside the realm of extraterrestrial life, it’s well-thought out and unbiased.

Weird News Section:

When I first found out that Express had a ton of UFO articles, I was skeptical. Their headlines are total clickbait and they get a bad rap for that in the news world.

But, if you actually delve into the article and read beyond the headline, you’ll actually find a lot of down to earth reporting.

They’re not afraid to say when there’s a legitimate explanation about a particular sighting, though the headline may not lead you to believe that.

Huffpost UFO Section

The Huffington Post is a mainstream news outlet, so you know when they post a UFO story, it’s been vetted.

The section is relatively quiet, as a large agency such as Huffpost disqualifies a lot of stories if they can’t get good evidence and confirmation.

One of the nice things is that if you see a UFO sighting on this site, you can be certain people are talking about it all around the world.

Black Diamond Social Club

Also known as BDSC by their readers, Black Diamond Social Club is a site with varied topics.

While it’s mostly a men’s magazine, it has an impressive paranormal section that includes articles about UFOs and conspiracy theories.

BDSC is another one of those sites that spends a lot of time researching and weeding out fakes before they put their stamp of approval on it. I’ve known them to take down old articles once they found out they were fake.

What Reputable UFO Blogs Do You Read?

I’m always looking for good quality research points. What do you read?

Featured Image Credit: Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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