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List of UFO Hoax Sites | BDSC

Scott Browne compiled a list of UFO sites that purposely post misinformation & falsehoods. This is the stuff to stay away from because it’s simply not real.

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The Most Reputable UFO Blogs & Resources on The Internet

Here’s a list of the top websites and UFO Blogs I’ve found and use which provide the most reputable research on UFOs and aliens.


Increase Your Chances of Encountering a UFO | BDSC

The folks at Black Diamond Social Club looked at all the traits that make a person more likely to have a UFO encounter. Here’s what they found.

UFO Hitchhiker

99 Balloons song was about UFO’s

Many music fans are unaware that the original version of the popular 1980’s song “99 Red Balloons” was written in German, and is a little deeper in meaning (and more sinister) than the English version many people have heard.

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The Roswell Report

If you don’t know about the Roswell incident, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. Here’s something to catch you up.

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Resource Scavengers: Theories on Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

There are a handful of good theories on why aliens would visit earth. Which one makes the most sense?

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Introduction to UFO Study

A buddy of mine runs things over at Black Diamond Social Club, he does a bunch of UFO stuff mixed in with his other material. Check it out.

Water Tower UFO Hoax

Exposed: The Water Tower UFO Hoax | BDSC

The folks at Black Diamond Social Club discuss a major hoax that took place in the UK and how the man who proved it was a hoax got ostracized from UFO groups as a result.

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Bucket List for the UFO Hunter

If you’re a UFO enthusiast, there are handful of places you absolutely must visit. This is the list you’ve been looking for.

Black Cat Eyes
BDSCBEKBlack Eyed Kids

My Personal Encounter with a Black-Eyed Child | BDSC

A friend from my childhood talks about his experience with a black-eyed child. He’s convinced they were some type of alien or paranormal entity.

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