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The Hunt for UFOs: US Military on High Alert Over Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The Hunt for UFOs: US Military on High Alert Over Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

Last updated on June 3, 2024

An unprecedented move by the US military, with F-22 fighter jets being deployed to shoot down unidentified objects in US airspace.

It’s been a big week in the world of UFOlogy. Hell, it’s been a big week in the world period. The hunt for UFOs is on.

First, the United States used an F-22 to shoot down a Chinese Spy balloon after it spent many days in the skies over the country. There’s 100% certainty that it came from China, an China even admitted it – but then things took a twist.

More Objects

Within days, it became known that US intelligence agencies were tracking other unknown objects of United States airspace. These are real UFOs right down to the definition. We have no idea what they are, and if the military knows, they aren’t telling us.

This time the, military wasted no time and dispatched the objects quickly using F-22 fighter jets.

Fighter Jet - the hunt for ufos
The objects were shot down by US aircraft similar to this one | Image Source: Pixabay

In 4 days, 4 objects were shot down by the US Military and the Pentagon has dodged the question as to what they are or who is behind them. What’s most interesting is they decided to hold a press conference on live TV during SuperBowl when there’d be likely few people watching.

So perhaps they’re hiding something?

What We Know

At this point it’s pretty obvious that the Pentagon knows more than the rest of us, even if they claim not to. When the military shoots down unknown objects over US Airspace, it’s because a threat to National Security has been determined. That threat cannot be assessed if you have no clue what the objects are.

These cylindrical objects are 100% not the same as the Chinese balloon that was shot down. And now other countries are reporting these items too.

Even more explosive than the missiles used to take these objects down are the official statements that actually refuse to rule out aliens from another world as the culprit.

I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point.

General Glen VanHerck when asked if the objects could be extraterrestrial in nature.

So it seems pretty clear that something is in the skies and threatening enough that we’re scrambling jets and shooting them down. This isn’t something that happens every day, in fact the US has not shot down anything over US airspace in a very long time.

But What Are They? The Hunt for UFOs Is On

At this point, unless you work at the Pentagon, it’s anyone’s guess. I am not convinced these objects are alien though. I’m a proponent of having strong unrefutably clear evidence for such a claim. I also don’t believe that we have the technology to shoot down alien spacecraft – given how advanced they’d have to be in order to get here over such vast distances, there’s no reason to think we have any weapons fast enough to take one down.

But that still doesn’t answer the question.

There’s a good chance we’re being probed by an adversarial country to determine what our response times are and how long it takes before we discover high flying objects over our airspace. In fact, for the time being, this is the most likely explanation. But there’s far from any proof this is the case.

Given the secrecy behind how the Pentagon operates, it’s likely we could go many years before being told the truth about what these objects are. And if they are proved to come from a hostile nation, we aren’t going to find out about it anytime soon.

There’s also the potential that these objects could be simply a distraction for something larger. But by who?

So What Can You Do?

First of all, don’t panic. If we were under attack by some alien civilization, we’d probably be wiped out before we even realized it.

Write to your Congress representatives urging them to disclose what is known about the objects to the public – especially if there are steps the public can take to protect themselves, it would be inhuman for the government go withhold that information.

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