The UFO Community Mourns the Loss of Stanton Friedman

Last updated on May 14, 2019

The UFO community has lost one of its most credible researchers.

The UFO Community Mourns the Loss of Stanton Friedman

April 13, 2019: Stanton Friedman, the first civilian investigator of the Roswell Incident, has passed away.

Friedman was a nuclear physicist and an A-list celebrity in the world of UFO research. One simply cannot study or read about the UFO phenomenon for very long without running into his name.

Decades of Research & Influence

After leaving his full time position as a nuclear physicist in 1970, Stanton Friedman spent nearly 5 decades cataloging, researching, and investigating some of the world’s most iconic UFO sightings.

He’s lectured at hundreds of universities and published dozens of papers on the subject of UFOs.

Forever The Rational, Skeptical, Believer

Friedman has a special place in my own heart when it comes to UFO research. In a world full of hucksters trying to make a buck on falsehoods, Friedman remained true to his cause.

Never afraid to call out hoaxes, Friedman never felt that his work or livelihood would be threatened by a logical explanation. His credibility on the subject of UFOs was unmatched.

The field of UFOlogy would never have become what it is without him, and will never be the same now that he’s gone.

Rest in Peace, Stanton Friedman.

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