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UFO Sighting Report: Severy, Kansas – October 17, 2017

UFO Sighting Report: Severy, Kansas – October 17, 2017

Last updated on July 7, 2024

UFO Sighting Report: Severy, Kansas – October 17, 2017

Name: Break Hedrick

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: Severy Kansas

Date of Sighting: Oct 17 2007

Time of Day: Nighttime

How many UFOs were visible? To meny to count anywear from 500 get to 100 feet

How far away were the UFOs? They would hover 500 feet glowing balls

Extended Description:

I was getting taken to the hospital this Oct evening I had a injury I was taking care of and on my way back something was following us I for .. giggles took a cash light started flashing SOS signal,s my friend thought I was nuts till we got closer to home I was in my back seat in my van he was driving all the sudden he stopped and ask if this is what I saw their it will a couple of hundred feet above us glowing like a pause you look at it it went dem you looking away from it it got bright all of the sudden it moved over a business we know it started spitting out several fire balls out of the belly of this object we observed it for a while then went in to town 4 blocks away we saw a nother one above the water tower it was spitting out fire balls to I called Mofon no would answer my call I called the air force they practice hear in the part of the country they said no we don’t have anything flying over GW County there were jets rumbling in the air chasing something could hear them all this lasted for a week The last day I saw them there was about 8 hovering In the air I heard a jet go in after burn went rite in the middle of this formation locked on one of this objects and chased it the other UFOs just kinda spread out wile one of their own was being chased by our jets the jet was no match it walked off and left the jet disappeared the other UFOs just went back to a tight formation seems they were not worried about our presents I have talked to meny that had seen the same thing in two county’s the same time frame what was they spitting out of the Craft’s??? My friend said that something was coming out from the balls of fire and flying off my eyes are bad I couldn’t se this I mean in to the same glowing ball 10 years before this I wonder what they were seeding I just think about the show War of the world’s I am afraid we are dead ducks nothing we have can match what I saw we se all this and more in Central Kansas this is the first time telling my story of my week long siteing

UFO Sighting Report: Severy, Kansas – October 17, 2017

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