UFO Sighting Report: October 8, 1968 – Blythe, CA

Last updated on October 11, 2019

Sighting reported from back in 1968 from one of our readers.

Name: Joseph Ryan Zamora

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: Blythe, CA

Date of Sighting: October 8, 1968

Time of Day: 5:30 PM

How many UFOs were visible? 1

How far away were the UFOs? Up close and personal 1 to 2 feet away.

Extended Description:

Im joseph ryan zamora some people call me jack there is alot of people say they seen a ufo on my account i never lost coshions i remember every dam thing my dad just passt away my dad was a blythe decetive at the tim he dosent re call any way i. Was with his friend ruben we were outvside the traylor home on the 6th avnue levey sun was setting as we walk on the canal bank buy the tralor canl bank is on the side of the traylor. But the canal bank were walking on is higher than the canal bank. So im with rubun hes holding my hand so i dont fall in the canal .well out of the sky to or left as we walk past the tralorwe see a circulor object land on th ground but in stead of it being flat like people say they saw it was on its acess moveing across from the road to the back field on our side of the street it was still light out you had no problom seeig the big florcent ship it was blue an circulor not only that it. Was moveing on its acess like a big wheel real slow we are on the canal bank seeing it move to a house toward the back field across the leticus field seprating that house from our tralor were on the canal bank wathing it get closeer to that too story house its justinches off the ground moving across the field not only can we see it. But we can hear it yes i know what it sounds like believe me i can draw it it had big dark blue circles like peperronies on a pizza aparently these were part of its engien power i believe thes are magnetic engiens yes free energie i got the key to space traval any way it gos up to the house and its taller and wider than the 2story house and the tree thats biger than the thouse then i guess the person who was home a women started screaming a long fuckin scream it paused for 2min just stayed buy the housethen went around the house and started comeing toward us ruben held my hand and wouldnt let me move when i heard that lady scream i wanted to go back in the tralor i was only 2in a half but i knew something was wrong with that pictuer ok well now that big blue florrecent shipit was about2800feet wide and almost five story high then it comes toward us it seen us and ruben wouldnt move to safty hes a punk well it came all the way up to the canal bank and as it got closer you could hear it come well it came stright up to us i was looking up at it next moment i was looking down at my self. Then i remember being in a super dark room i seen a red laser like a pin laser and a blue pin laser. Well i believe they put an im plant in my face and guess what i recently had a bad tooth pulled and there is an object of metal behind my bad tooth i believe that belongs to my friends hey at least they didnt hurt mebut they did something to ruben. And i was let go buy the traylor and ruben was found 300 miles a way some where in the desert. Well they say aliens can leave an alien spirit in a child ages 123 yeas old. Yes. I got storys iv done alot of super natural. Things. And i helped people when they didnt have a prayer in hell yes i got a few gifts im npt the avarage guy im creative i got insight and yes world there are aliens in didnt get to see them directly but. I got to see the ship up close and personal i felt the engiens vibrate off my chest i remember every thing ya im the choosen one if there was one love that could save this world it would be the love i have for you i been done wrong buy the govern met but i hold no grudges i hold the key to space traval and alot more hey at least we americans have the tecnolagy thru me i can pass any liedector test. And back my true story hey if aliens ever came i. Would speak for the world i believe they want to see humon compashion they wont help us unless they see we care for one another you never know if there watching you to see humun compashion. This way they wont fear us thinking were just made for war we have to hav compashion try your best to be nice.i care.707.307.8545 .san jose ca.siteings happen everey where around and remember if out of knowwhere it gets real cold super fast it because a ship is present ther ships can be trans parent with A light florcent bluemagnetic engery.makes your hair stand up ryan zamora good night.

UFO Sighting Report: October 8, 1968 – Blythe, CA

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