UFO Sighting Report: North Stradbroke Island

Last updated on March 11th, 2020 at 09:02 pm

Massive UFO reported back in 2000.

Name: Martin Karklis

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: North Stradbroke Island

Date of Sighting: 2000

Time of Day: Daytime

How many UFOs were visible? One….approximately one mile in diameter

How far away were the UFOs? 3 km

Extended Description:

While walking from Cylinder beach….through the car park i ran into an old friend i haven’t seen for some years…

I was walking to my car from Cylinder beach at Point lookout on North stradbroke Island, When i ran into an old friend i haven’t seen for sometime, so as you do in catching up you have a chat and as we were walking to my car near to where he was saying in a holiday unit at Cylinder up there owned by his family at Claytons beach cabins up there!….,

And for some we both looked up an saw a perfectly silver round ball object in the clouds, it was about one mile in diameter and quite big…

Then we both looked at each other and said did you see that!…we said yes at the same time!!!…and we haven’t spoken about this since for some reason….

Since the encounter or sighting i’ve had amazing experiences – (Sparkly beings leaving me with images & requests / religion / I’ve seek help through my mental aboriginal health service…….finally meeting a traditional Central Australian Aboriginal man telling me things about our aboriginal spirituality and why things are happening around me…

He told me that i have a gift and shouldn’t be scared of it and that i have entered a new plain of existence between us and “them”, and that these beings are here to help us and to communicate our concerns, wishes, problems, present, past, history)….

And he also told me that he has also experienced the same when he intensified his prayer’s….by praying to god to bless his aboriginal people with and there friends and our friends with love, happiness,peace, prosperity, faith and protection from evil in all its shapes and forms spiritual and physical…..and at the end giving thanks for helping us!

he saw objects in the sky and had visit from sparkly being….

he told i’m in contact with our spirit guides and dimensional being, our ancestors!….

What i feel now:

As i’ve become an accomplished Aboriginal artist i paint and draw a lot….and now i think it was no chance encounter, something happen to me and possibly my friend, we both have gone from strength to strength in our lives…i seem to be stuck now…as though i’m waiting for something!

A little about myself:

I’m an Australian Aboriginal person of Quandamooka country – (Moreton Bay) Queensland…I’m a good person with a great love for all things good…

I pray for my aboriginal people and their friends and our friends and human – kind and animals brave and small of planet Earth ……

I don’t see myself as a bible basher!….but as a good person of faith with dreams of fulfillment in love, peace, happiness, respect and forgiveness…

I believe i have experienced journeys to other places….some say out of body!….floating….being in the presence of something appsolute angelic beings – almost god like!

I do go to Christian church services most Sunday’s, don’t sing but watch and listen, and read the bible!….

I don’t take drugs….

I rarely drink alcohol….

Our aboriginal culture:

Gee what next!…this is starting to freak me out….I was born in 20th April – 1961…

I’m a twin, 2 days apart!…and my mother was born 3rd January 1943 a Quandamooka traditional woman and guess what?….a policewoman pointed this out to me in 2010, she said look at your drivers license, so i did and i nearly shit myself – licence # 1943 13 13….

Talk about from the other side, my mother past away in 2007 – Stroke!


Beings + Faith + Aboriginal Culture

To date:

I’ve experience seven journeys…amazing!

Through prayer and guidance through our spirit friends I’m Hoping to give our Aboriginal people and there friends and our friends love, peace, happiness, respect, compassion, sharing, faith, hope, happiness, joy, salvation, justification integrity, honour, mercy, forgiveness…

I God we trust!….

love ya’s!

UFO Sighting Report: North Stradbroke Island

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