UFO Sighting Report: Netherlands Ijmuiden – August 28-29 2019

Last updated on March 15th, 2020 at 11:24 am

A UFO sighting in the Netherlands from August 2019.

Name: Nathan Uittenbosch

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: Netherlands ijmuiden

Date of Sighting: 19.30 to 18.00 27 August 00 to 1.20 28 August

Time of Day: Nighttime

How many UFOs were visible? 3 or it was 1 all the time

How far away were the UFOs? 2,5 3,0 maybe 4,0 kilometers away was above us hiding behind the clouds

Extended Description:

It was normal at first because 30 kilometers away there,s KLM airport and planes are common above us but then trough my sunglasses there like a beeping light above was the airplane and it was from the air plane i tought and went on so when i came biking back it happend again this time very close problably 400 500 meters from me and a tree the light went thru the tree to my glasses again beeping and i still tought nothing of it and went on home ate BBQ a movie and went to bed the adik i had my window full open and as i was closing it i saw flashes and checkt it out just flashes later it was lighting toss a Orange lighting toss i tought cool but then wha i noticed there was no thunder no single sound so i made video’s and pictures but my o my i got 7 percent of baterry life so i took my chances then 2% left so i had no choice to recharge while doing that i see a helicopter out of nowhere and wendt straight for the lighting but suddenly stopt stood a few minutes and turned full speed back and thats the story all and was basicly 18,00 to 01,20 thats all Guys that was my strange encounter really but i think there,s a explanation for it if and have a theory email me cause i freaked out and still have no idea

UFO Sighting Report: Netherlands Ijmuiden – August 28-29 2019

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