UFO Sighting Report: March 3, 1999 – Brisbane

Last updated on September 15, 2019

UFO Sighting Report: March 3, 1999 – Brisbane


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Date of Sighting: 1999-03-03

Time of Day: 02:11

How many UFOs were visible? 3 GLOB OF LIGHT

How far away were the UFOs? NOT TOO FAR I LL SAY 2KM

Extended Description:

oneday when i was driving in brissy coronation drive, i suddenly saw very strange light on top of the air above my car, i had a close look of it first thinking if its not a air plane it must be a fireworks, however as when i contonue to starring at it for a long time i was very shorcked as the 3 glob of light were going on air in circular motion very slowly and is when i admit i ve seen a UFO, i was wanting to show and discuss to people around me to check that weird glob lighting and take a shoot of photo if my phone, however since i was onlyone in the car i am the onlyone thats seen it, and in tgat time my nokia phone doesnt allowed to take photo or video shoot. after 3 min those 3 glob of light come in pink green and blue suddenly disapears from among cloud instantaniously… i have kept all time quite for that incounter as if i told my friend or family what i have seen, they might thinking i must be crazy,. later i spend almost 10years searching info from net about other peoples ufo or alian encounter and realise i am not the only one that saw weird thing on sky.. however i ve remember i been locked up in princess alexandra psychatric hospital for 2 month been dignosed schyzopherinia thinking by the doctors that i was having a mental problem, and that i was dilusion and was been medicated when i onece told i saw a ufo when taken by the embulence… unfortunately later in my live i ve lock up over 13 times in mental institute in 3 country,. so i started joinging information and follow a group called international raelian movement and had met a friend also belive alien and ufo exist, thats when i feel better about myself that i tryibg to convince to my friend and family the truth of the existance of ufo and existance of alien intelligent. yesterday ivwas wanting to give area51 a call asking help from them as they r the only organisation belife in ufo and alien contact however as i am in china now the the net block the site so i could not find the contact… cause i was wanting to get help from media people and lawyers to help me sue my doctors as trying to collect data and evidence that alien and ufo really does exist.. sadly i had some depression as my parent and brother think i am crazy for the belive, and urgevme to take medical drug for my entire life… and my wife divorsed me for thinking i am a fool belive i had alien encounter… none my friend like me talk about aliens but only one my teacher a professor a monk his budusst believe and support my brokem heart …onece he talk me honesly gods were infact aliens… and i felt the same too…

UFO Sighting Report: March 3, 1999 – Brisbane

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