UFO Sighting Report: Chattanooga, TN – March 16, 2018

Last updated on March 11th, 2020 at 09:52 pm

UFO Sighting Report - Chattanooga, TN - March 16, 2018.

Name: Joshua Collins


Location of Sighting: Chattanooga, TN

Date of Sighting: March 16, 2018

Time of Day: nighttime sighting

How many UFOs were visible?

How far away were the UFOs? About 200 - 300 feet in air

Extended Description:

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered them I’ve seem three different types in the Last year getting tree top level and just hovering over me it happens all the time I have credible witnesses that have also see some of them. They just seem to be all around and very close

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