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Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Costa Rica, April 30th 2018

Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Costa Rica, April 30th 2018

Last updated on July 7, 2024

Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Costa Rica, April 30th 2018

Name: Ron Segaru


Location of Sighting: San Jose, Costa Rica

Date of Sighting: April 30

Time of Day: at night

How many UFOs were visible? 7 white triangular shapes with rounded edges.

How far away were the UFOs? One kilometer above in the sky.

Extended Description:

This is the first time I took the courage to talk about my UFO experiences… I feel its the right moment to start sharing, exposing and asking for guidance. I can describe this last experience as an abduction of my anima in a parallel ground to our reality.

I slept around 9:30 pm as I usually do, that night I woke up at 2:15 am took a look at my phone and go back to sleep…but I sort of had a feeling about that night.. maybe I can explain it better as a calling feeling deep inside… not sure how to describe it in a more clearly way. I sat down in my bed opened my window curtains and I saw a very clear night with a white full moon. I went back to bed and here is were everything started.

Before falling asleep I saw the time in my phone it was 2:19 am. I closed my eyes and start having a very vivid dream. But the dream started with the same night conditions i saw that night before sleeping. Clear skies and a white full moon was displayed in my dream i couldn’t make a difference between reality and the dream.

This dream took place outdoors next to my bedroom window. I was lay down in the floor and a very white blue eye girl was standing next to me. She was asking me about nature stuff with a very soft voice. I was telling her in my dream about big spiders in our Costa Rican Jungles that used to climb up in the tress for eating little birds and she was super interested in the conversation, when i was explaining to her about this i pointed up to some trees in my garden and i also decided to take a look up in the sky. When i look up i saw again the white full moon and there was a not very big grey cloud… but when the wind blowed away this grey cloud i saw this 7 white brightening triangle shaped starships moving around in group up above were we were located. I immediately told to the girl they are here, when i said my last word out loud… i noticed i started to lose control of my body by some kind of strong light coming from one of the starships. And i saw a very clear separation of my body and my anima.. or soul.. not sure how to explain it. While this was happening the girl wasn’t there anymore and i heard a very hight metal tone sound in the background..with an eco effect in my ears.

I WOKE up from this “dream” feeling a big emptiness.. i saw the clock and it was 4:40 am. I can’t explain how time passed so fast because the whole situation in the dream lasted around 7 minutes according to my calculations but in reality it tooks around 2 hours with 21 minutes. This was my last experience but I’ve having UFO experiences since i was a kid. I don’t know why or what they want …but i needed to share it!!!

Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Costa Rica, April 30th 2018

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