YouTube Video Shows 5 Separate UFO Sightings

On November 23, this video was posted on YouTube showing 5 separate UFO sightings. Let’s take a look at each one and see what the possible explanations are.

The UFO Sighting Video

3 of the UFO Sightings are Easily Explained

Of the 5 sightings on this video, there are 3 that can easily be dismissed. The 2nd sighting (0:43), 3rd sighting (1:55), and 5th sighting (4:26) are clearly smoke rings. While it’s uncommon to see smoke rings this large, the source is easy to discover. Blow up 5-10 gallons of gasoline or diesel and this is the result.

UFO Sighting #1

The first sighting in the video might be a meteor and if I had to put my money on an explanation, that’s what I’d say it is. But we can’t be sure… The color isn’t the typical orange/red of a fiery meteor. It’s more of a bluish hue. It travels in a straight line like a meteor and at the beginningĀ of its path, there appears to be a tail.

Since we can’t definitely say what it is, it’s truly an unidentified flying object – a UFO.

UFO Sighting #4

This one is really cool. It’s definitely not airplanes. Again they’re not 100% identifiable. They bear a resemblance to military flares, but there’s no information in the video indicating where this was shot and whether military flares might be in the area. Given the lack of information, they also must remain unidentified – UFOs.

What do you think? Any additional information to provide? Let us know in the comments!

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