UFO Sighting Report: Wasilla, AK | June 2, 2018

Last updated on March 15th, 2020 at 09:46 am

UFO Sighting Report: Wasilla, AK | June 2, 2018

Name: Bruce Fisher

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: Wasilla, AK

Date of Sighting: JUNE 2, 2018

Time of Day: 1:46 PM

How many UFOs were visible? 1 Shiny silver ORB

How far away were the UFOs? About 50 feet away.

Extended Description:

The Orb was invisible to the naked eye. In the video. At 1/10 slow video speed, I got the object in only three frames.

2 thoughts on “UFO Sighting Report: Wasilla, AK | June 2, 2018”

  1. Hello, I live in wasilla Alaska in the fishhook area , and in the tree lines I saw a orb hovering and pulsating different colors , I watched it for a while then i heard a chopper and some military jets flew overhead a few times , I had difficulty sleeping through it. Today the sky is sunny and clear but there is a cloud plume just where the location of the sighting was. I caught it all on video , planes flying around it , and I was wondering if there were any other ufo reports lastnight from this area ? Thankyou for your time

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