Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Abduction in Wales UK

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Alien UFO Blog UFO Sighting Report: Abduction in Wales UK

Name: Damien Gascoigne

Location of Sighting: Wales UK

Date of Sighting: August 21, 2012

Time of Day: at night

How many UFOs were visible? 1

How far away were the UFOs? Very visible up close about 1.3

Extended Description:

It was on a clear night in Wales I was outside stargazing with an iPhone app called night sky when suddenly this black object of immense size was hovering right above the caravan looked like a stealth plane out no sound from it it was flashing red and white and green lights was doing strange manvouers then stopped I was paralysed I was in inside the ship the aliens were grey looking with masks on and their were other people being experimented on I was on a operating table then they passed out when I came around I was back where I was originally stargazing I belive I was missing for five days no one who was with me noticed I was gone that’s all I remember for now

Photos & Images (if available):

Additional Information:

No additional information provided.


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