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Alien Abduction in 1975

Alien Abduction in 1975

Last updated on July 7, 2024

Gordon Semenuck was abducted in 1975.

Name: Gordon Semenuck

Email: [email protected]

Location of Sighting: Rio Rancho, NM

Date of Sighting: June 16, 2007

Time of Day: 1:00 AM

How many UFOs were visible? 1

How far away were the UFOs? 75 feet away, 10 or 11 feet high

Extended Description:

Abduction. As soon as my foot hit the ground I was in a trance. They took me aboard and got my DNA. They seen I wasn’t crying and screaming, they put me in a half daze and transferred me to another ship where they showed me many things. Then they told me to write this book. I could not write it while I was working but they kept on pestering me. The book tells how, and everything else from the different species and different UFOs, how they run their ships, their intentions, and what to expect. They told me I was to be their messenger, and they would bring an emissary when they come in great numbers. They told me this reason, its in the book along with the date, and they said the date could move up at anytime for reasons you are not aware of. But I tell you its important. You see all the questions on tv, are you ready for all the answers and more. I know more that’s not in the book. If you get the book read it. I know your gonna want more. I’ll give a question quiz, If true I will answer 1 more question of your choice. This book is the real deal. There is no other book like it. Do you have what it takes to get the real answers. The truth is not out there anymore its right here!

Alien Abduction in 1975

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