UFO Sighting Report: September 30, 2019 – Bayonne NJ

Reported alien sighting in Bayonne, NJ
Bayonne NJ

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Name: Richard Ferrer Sr.

Email: [email protected]

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Date of sighting: 2019-09-30

Time of day: 21:11

Location: Bayonne NJ

How many UFOs were visible?: I saw 1 but didn’t not see how many with him inside the UFO transportation

How far away was the UFO?: 31,000

Extended description of your encounter:

It was a very disturbing experience to me because they are here talking in the background but their transportation is very fast to disappear and they leave or left communicating to me but they have controlling my attention and all of the sudden it’s kind of a blink of an eye following but it’s gone before I can think to post and tell my story it’s like they can stop your mind on the exact moment that I see it was a very astonishing experience on my behalf and my brother that I told he heard my story but didn’t see exactly how far the aliens went back to their transportation

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