UFO Sighting Report: Newcastle 2017

UFO Sighting Report - Newcastle - October 22, 2017.

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UFO Sighting Report

Name: Micky Fitzpatrick

Email: Private

Can we publish your email address with your report? No

Date of Sighting: October 22, 2017 – Daytime approx 5:50 in the afternoon

Location of Sighting: Newcastle

Distance: Approximately 2 miles

The following gallery is the images Mr. Fitzpatrick took through various filters.

Discussion & Interview

When we discussed the video with Mr. Fitzpatrick, we talked about what the possibilities were. Could this have been a commercial aircraft or maybe a military plane?

Surely not a plane? I can’t explain it. ~Micky Fitzpatrick

Our initial view had us thinking it was actually a meteor but upon closer inspection, what would be the tail was actually flashing multiple colors. The sighting did take place near sunset, so there’s a possibility that a meteor tail was picking up some rays from the sun, but it’s not definitive. And the flashing colors would still be an odd phenomenon even if it were caused by sunset rays. This sighting needs to be filed as truly unidentified.

But this thing was big, that’s what first made me look at it and keep looking enough to record. It was very peculiar indeed. ~Mickey Fitzpatrick


The following videos of the UFO were posted on YouTube:

A Legit UFO Sighting in Newcastle?

What do you think? Any ideas of what this could be or what it looks like? Is it a true UFO or is there someone out there who can identify it with certainty? Let us know in the comments.

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