UFO Sighting Report: Bicol Catanduanes – 2001

UFO Sighting Report - Bicol Catanduanes - 2001

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Name: Melody Traquena

Email: [email protected]

Can we publish your email address with your report? Yes

Date of Sighting: 2001 – around 2 PM

Location of Sighting: Bicol Catanduanes

How Many UFOs Were Visible? None – this was an alien sighting

Extended Description of Sighting

I wasn’t abducted by the aliens but I saw one when I was 6 years old.  Wayback then, growing up in the province and no knowledge at all to extraterrestrial beings, I did not know what the thing I saw.

The crazy part was that, I did not even remember feeling frightened. I was just wondering, who the hell that greeny thing staring at me for 15 seconds in a profound creepy way without even talking. And now, I feel like I have to at least search for what I have seen, I am also currently reading the book communion by whitley strieber, it was written in detailed manner very much convincing, informative and terrifying.

I did not talked about it since the last and first time I confessed with my family and friends they just all laughed, think its all absurd so as improbable and think I’m crazy but how can I become crazy? If what I have seen for the past 16 years are still clear in my memory. What I saw is the combination of both ancient alien and reptilian.

The height is 5ft and 2 inches, slim all-green-body, eyes were pure black like the eyes of an ancient alien, this one looked matured and old due to the veins visibly popping. Mouth and lips was so small. He stared at me and I did say HE because I felt that he was HE and there’s this eerie way of him to make me feel that he was identified as HE w/o opening his mouth to expressed his gender. The encountered occured in our house in Bicol Catanduanes around 2pm, the main area where I catched him was in the dinning table while he was trying to get a cup of water, I think he felt like there was someone staring at him while he was trying to get the silver cup with water filled in, whilst his hand extended fully holding the cup he turned his head in my direction I dont know what to feel, I can see the surroundings but cant hear the noise around (freezing moment, manifestation of tableau) he does not talk, not a single word uttered, but I know what the msg he was trying to convey. I dont know if he was talking in my mind, I dont know either if it was a mental telepathy. Asking through my mind “Can I drink this water?” Both of his eyes were blinking real slow, close and open and I dont even hear my own voice saying yes or no.

And after that he was gone…

I’m afraid that my confession would be a source mockery. I dont have anyone to tell this without me trying to sound desperate explaining this in a manner that they will understand. Its hard. The feeling is unknown, the truth is I’d like to see one of them again or even the alien who visited me. I’d like to see them, theres this part of me that I have this connection with them, a strong connection that when they invade the earth they will absolutely get me.

Is he coming back? If he does, what would be the purpose?

Why me?

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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4 thoughts on “UFO Sighting Report: Bicol Catanduanes – 2001”

  1. Seeing something that’s only been made a mockery over the years and making you feel like your crazy is exactly what they want.
    I’m a witness to a UFO upclose and personal as most of you will know.
    I can only advise to stay strong and keep united with the love that surrounds you.
    It’s slowly but surely all coming out into the open for all to witness.
    Incredible and thankyou for sharing ✌️🕊

    1. What I’ve found interesting over the years is the number of people who’ve had experiences or a genuine interest in the topic and yet keep it completely to themselves to avoid being labeled crazy or weird.

    2. more than you can fathom I expect.
      As you know the first time I tried speaking out the ridicule was extreme. But with trying again and succeeding to open out continually to anyone interested is evidence to me in itself jst how accepting it’s becoming with it happening to more and more.
      So much evidence yet we still question.
      Jst more evidence on how fickle man is ✌️

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