UFO Sighting Report: Norwood Massachusetts 11-6-2017

UFO Sighting Report:

Name: Brendan Morse

Email: bmorsie98@gmail.com

Can we publish your email address with your report? Yes

Date of Sighting: 11/6/2017 – Nighttime

Location of Sighting: Norwood, Massachusetts area

How Many UFOs Were Visible? One

About How Far Away Was the UFO? At least 2 miles

Extended Description of Sighting:

I was walking my dog at about 5 o’clock pm Monday November, 6th 2017 and I saw a red light in the sky. At first I just ignored it because I thought it was an airplane. I continued to look at it because I did not see the white flashing lights that you see on all airplanes at night. So, as I was looking at it the red light just stopped, mid-air. All of a sudden it flashed green and began to move erratically; up down, left right. It stopped again then flew away very fast the total opposite direction of which it was originally moving.

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