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Encounters: The UFO Experience (

Encounters: The UFO Experience brings UFO & alien lore & evidence to a town near you.

The following is a promotion for Encounters UFO Xperience that was provided to us by one of our Facebook fans.

With more than 70 combined years in the entertainment business, entrepreneurs Michael Sawicky and Gary Lane will bring to life the nation’s only touring exhibit on UFO and extra-terrestrial encounters – Encounters UFO Xperience (

Already constructed and constantly evolving, the family-orientated exhibit features historical data and records, alien artifacts and how extra-terrestrials are portrayed in today’s popular culture.

Strategically located in the middle of the country in Branson, MO (10 million visitors annually), the Encounters UFO Xperience is the first of its kind and has built-in popularity as evidenced by the return of shows such as the X-Files and continuing media coverage on UFOs.

The campaign is critical in enabling the Encounters group to evolve the exhibit and add new experiences, thereby making it an unparalleled experience for UFO enthusiasts.

Indie Go-Go Campaign:

Promotional video, please feel free to draw from:

Our targeted goal is to raise $40,000, which will be used to add nine (9) additional interactive, hands-on displays in exhibit, primarily in the Alien Civilization, Alien Propulsion and Alien Pop Culture rooms for the exhibit’s opening in early March 2018.

Contributors will have the opportunity to be on the “ground floor” of the first global traveling UFO exhibit, carving out a new genre in extraterrestrial entertainment and history.

Funding will also be used to fabricate hands-on science application displays, a video screen detailing daily UFO sightings, as well as virtual reality displays, (i.e. travel thru a super nova, walk through the international space station), 3-D printer displays, (i.e. make a flying saucer, alien or rocket ship) and a Video Game Zone featuring play on favorite science fiction games.

Contributors receive opportunity to participate in four tiered offerings ranging from $10 to $ 75.

Each tier will offer an Encounters merchandise item, an insider’s “confidential” document from the Encounters exhibit.

Most importantly for contributors, each tier will exponentially grow to include items from the previous tiers.

Tier 1: An Encounters alien head squeezie and a seven-room floor diagram of the UFO exhibit


Tier 2: Both items from Tier 1 PLUS an Encounters key chain (to start up one’s UFO) and your name included on one of the Encounters UFO shipping crates to be included on display in our Area 51 zone.


Tier 3: All items from Tiers 1 and 2, PLUS an Encounters bumper sticker and an entire Encounters artifact exhibit list.


Tier 4: All line items from Tiers 1-3 PLUS an Encounters T-shirt and an Encounters LIFETIME membership card, providing free admission to exhibit for life.


Millions of people from around the globe have stated sincerely that they have had encounters with UFOs.

Contributors will take part in a new development of the only touring exhibit of UFO and aliens in America, with the mission of educating the general public to all aspects of the UFO phenomena.

This extra-terrestrial experience, coupled with a commitment to make it the strongest UFO exhibit in the globe, will provide the core to the family-orientated exhibit’s success.

Featured Image Provided directly to Alien UFO Blog by Encounters UFO XPerience

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