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Travis Walton
ArizonaTravis Walton

Here’s What Travis Walton Has Been Up To

It’s been over 40 years since Travis Walton’s close encounter. What has he been doing since then?

Fighter Jet

UFO Video Posted by New York Post is Just Another Plane

A video of an unidentified flying object taken from the window of a passenger jet looks very cool, but turns out it was just another plane.

UFO Hitchhiker

99 Balloons song was about UFO’s

Many music fans are unaware that the original version of the popular 1980’s song “99 Red Balloons” was written in German, and is a little deeper in meaning (and more sinister) than the English version many people have heard.

area 51 alien sign
BDSCNew MexicoRoswellUFOs

The Roswell Report

If you don’t know about the Roswell incident, then you’ve been hiding under a rock. Here’s something to catch you up.

TR3B Spacecraft
AuroraMilitaryt3rb spacecraftTR-3 Black Manta

TR3B Aircraft: The USA’s Most Secret Plane or Alien Spacecraft? Or Both?

The triangular craft is one of the most common UFO shapes. Some believe it’s an alien spacecraft or a super-secret US Military plane known as the TR3B Astra.

Air ForceAliensGovernmentLuis Elizondo

Intelligence Official: The Military is basically HIDING UFO Encounters from the Pentagon

A former Clinton & Bush Intelligence official claims that UFO sightings aren’t taken seriously by the Pentagon, nor are the various military branches sharing their investigative findings about them with each other.

UFO over Water Ocean
BDSCEdwards RuppeltFBIKenneth Arnold

Introduction to UFO Study

A buddy of mine runs things over at Black Diamond Social Club, he does a bunch of UFO stuff mixed in with his other material. Check it out.

Socorro Incident UFO
Egg ShapedLonnie ZamoraNew MexicoPolice

The Socorro Incident | What Did Lonnie Zamora Actually See? (Video)

Sightings that leave behind physical evidence and independent corroborating witnesses like this one set the bar for credible reports.

Val Johnson Patrol Car UFO Damage
AliensBall of LightHoaxMinnesota

Val Johnson Incident | More Than Just A UFO Sighting

This is a great detailed read on the Val Johnson incident. We might never know the truth, but there are a handful of possibilities – including aliens. What do you think it was?

UFO Swarms from YouTube
MexicoNew YorkUFO Swarm

UFO Swarms – Birds? Or Something Else? (Video)

I recently found a video of what appear to be UFO swarms. I can’t explain it away… It’s not birds or drones, so what is it?

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