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Bill NyeScience

Bill Nye Answers: Would Alien Technology be Perceived as Magic?

Bill Nye talks about whether humans would view alien technology as magic or whether we’d recognize it as simply, technology beyond our current understanding.


Chicago Alien Rock Band Majungas Promoting Album at Baltimore Alien Con

Alien rock band, Majungas, graced the Baltimore Alien Con this year. If you missed it, that sucks!

SpaceX Falcon

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 at Vandenberg Air Force Base

SpaceX launched the first rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in over a decade.

Fighter Jet

2 Pilots Over Arizona Report a UFO (Video)

Pilots flying over Arizona reported a UFO in February of 2018 – sightings by pilots and other trained personnel are highly credible.

USS Eldridge - The Philadelphia Experiment
AliensHistoryHistory ChannelMilitary

The Philadelphia Experiment & Alien Encounter Claims

The Philadelphia Experiment is an amazing story in and of itself. But there are also claims the men on board during the teleportation encountered aliens.

earth from space at night

The Most Reputable UFO Blogs & Resources on The Internet

Here’s a list of the top websites and UFO Blogs I’ve found and use which provide the most reputable research on UFOs and aliens.

pixabay ufo graphic
Los AngelesOrbsUFOUFOs

Mass UFO Sighting Over Los Angeles (Video)

A pretty incredible sighting over Los Angeles in 2015 that actually has a confirmed explanation.

Fake UFO Video

How to Tell a Fake UFO Video from the Real Thing

There are a ton of people who see fake UFO videos that think they’re real. You don’t have to be a CGI expert to dismiss the fakes.

Travis Walton
ArizonaTravis Walton

Here’s What Travis Walton Has Been Up To

It’s been over 40 years since Travis Walton’s close encounter. What has he been doing since then?

Fighter Jet

UFO Video Posted by New York Post is Just Another Plane

A video of an unidentified flying object taken from the window of a passenger jet looks very cool, but turns out it was just another plane.

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