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alien woman

What Would it Be Like to Date an Alien?

This lighthearted post over at UFOBeat is a fun little read with some things to ponder.

Falcon Lake UFO

Falcon Lake Incident of 1967: An Incredible Sighting that Left its Mark

Canada’s most well-documented UFO sighting is still unexplained to this day. What really happened to Stefan Michalak?

map of new mexico
New MexicoRoswell

Roswell Crash Site Sold

The infamous site appears to have changed ownership.

SpaceX Starshiop

Will SpaceX’s Starship Finally Take Humans to Mars?

SpaceX’s new Starship design could be what finally lands man on the red planet – maybe.

UFO over Water Ocean

UFO Sighting Report: October 8, 1968 – Blythe, CA

Sighting reported from back in 1968 from one of our readers.

MilitaryNorth Carolina

OBX UFOs: Group of UFOs Filmed Over the Outer Banks, NC

Were the OBX UFOs more than just drones or military flares?

Stansbury Park UT

UFO Sighting Report: October 3, 2019 – Stansbury Park, UT

A UFO sighting in Utah just south of Great Salt Lake.

Bayonne NJ

UFO Sighting Report: September 30, 2019 – Bayonne NJ

Reported alien sighting in Bayonne, NJ


UFO Sighting Report: March 3, 1999 – Brisbane

Name: STEVEN WU Email: [email protected] Can we publish your email address with your report? We encourage (but do not require) those submitting reports to allow …


UFO Sighting Report: Netherlands Ijmuiden – August 28-29 2019

A UFO sighting in the Netherlands.

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