Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

Artist Needs Your UFO Sightings & Accounts

I was asked to share this. Please read 🙂

Hello all, I am an artist studying at Central Saint Martins in London entirely fascinated by UFOs, sightings, and people’s stories surrounding this area.

I would love to conduct some research into personal experiences.

Please contact me at hello.mystory@outlook.com if you could share experiences with me of anything of this nature. I would be incredibly grateful. I am looking to learn through the experiences of others. I am looking to hear from everybody that will speak with me. No story is too long.

I am conducting research over a week and would love to hear from you ASAP. This research will inspire work to be exhibited in London publicly, but you can opt to remain an anonymous participant or be named.

Privacy is 100% honoured.

Contact – hello.mystory@outlook.com